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Porn Actors: 10 Popular Men in Films for Adults

Fans of films for adults appreciate the quality of porn movies not only by the plot but also thanks to the actors’ efforts. Porn actors, like Hollywood celebrities, have fans, awards, and popularity ratings. Let’s find out what men are …

salaries in porn industry

Salaries in Porn Industry: How Much the Stars Earn

As Forbes found out, top serial actors earn up to $1.5 million per episode; the highest-paid Hollywood stars get tens of millions for a role. While Hollywood actresses regularly complain that their fees are sometimes much lower than their male …


Top 10 Porn Stars Who Decided to Become Politicians 

The porn industry has introduced many talented women who is a one day decided to change their lives forever. They were eager to get involved in politics due to different reasons. Unfortunately, not all attempts finished successfully, but the most …

porno oscar

Porno Oscar: Who Got AVN Awards in 2021

A popular American Magazine, Adult Video News, initiated the AVN Awards that celebrate the achievements in the porn film industry. The first ceremony took place in 1984, and since that same year, the organizers have let the show go on.  …


First Porn Film: How Did the Industry Arise

Today people are not ashamed to watch porn films. This is a great way to relax during masturbation or set the right mood before sexual intercourse. The collections of movies are impressive; hence everybody will find something to his/her taste. …

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