pornography in north korea

North Korea is one of the most closed countries in the world. So far, almost nothing is known about what is happening in this country, how its population lives and whether it is true that every step of the inhabitants of the ROK is being watched. So, if you want to learn more, then keep reading and boost your expertise about pornography in North Korea.

How Do People Date in North Korea?

Like all people, North Koreans need to get to know each other, communicate, fall in love, get married and raise children. Dating in North Korea is a conservative thing. A typical date for a young couple is a walk along the river or along the streets of the city. Everything is very reminiscent of the social structure of the USSR. Public displays of affection, such as holding hands or kissing, are rare except in the more daring, relatively liberal urban youth. In addition, those who have been caught for violating moral standards are necessarily punished. They are forced to gather at weekly sessions of self-criticism. The citizens tell each other why they were guilty and how ashamed they are. There is no sex education in the country. Also, there are no social networks and dating apps, so all dating and communication happens in the old-fashioned way.

What About Intimacy?

Of course, young couples sooner or later start thinking about intimacy. People in North Korea can’t have sex before marriage. If outsiders find out about it, young people will not be able to avoid punishment. For such purposes, there is the so-called “black market”, where you can illegally rent a room for several hours. Interestingly, the landlords are often elderly women, who would be difficult to suspect of a violation. It is possible to find carnal apartments near busy markets or train stations. Those who wish can also purchase sex services there, but they have a rather specific character. Contraceptives of any kind are very rare, although South Koreans occasionally launch balloons filled with condoms.

Attitude to Porn

Due to the absence of sexual education and shame that is put on young people, they have to explore intimacy via pornography. The government of the ROK is very strict towards pornography. Everybody who tries to produce, share or keep dances, music, photos, books, videos illegally, will be punished by short-term work up to 2 years. If the guilt is more serious, then the punishment may last from five to ten years. It should be noted that a special department is constantly monitoring the illegal import of porn materials. Tourists also can’t bring forbidden items to the country. It is impossible to enter any platforms that contain materials for adults. The government keeps fighting any demonstration of naughty behavior. As a result, people have to explore their sexuality in any possible way. They do it even if it is not a safe one.

Pornography in North Korea: Final Thoughts

The attitude to intimacy and pornography is different in all countries. While some people are enjoying full sexual freedom, North Koreans can’t even purchase a magazine with naked women., Moreover, they can’t watch gripping videos on online resources. The government does its best to keep the population in fear and punishes everyone who disobeys.

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