Amazon Sex Position

Certain sexual positions may appear uncomfortable or unconventional at first glance, but if you and your partner successfully navigate them, you’ll likely appreciate the change from the usual missionary position. The Statista study shows that people of all ages are engaged in sexual intercourse. So, why not spice up your sex adventure? If you want to drastically kickstart your sizzling journey, consider trying an Amazon sex position. Check out the meaning of the Amazon position in sex and the valuable tips for performing it. Once you have this information up your sleeve, you will certainly give your sexual life a boost. 

Amazon Position Sex: Meaning

What is the Amazon sex position? Although its origin is not entirely clear, most likely it doesn’t have anything in common with Jeff Bezos’ company. Moreover, the Amazon woman sex position is more connected to a group of powerful female warriors (Wonder Woman). In this position, resembling a reverse missionary, the female partner assumes the dominant role, much like an Amazon warrior. Meanwhile, the male representative lies on their back, primarily relaxed, allowing the partner on top to take control of the session. And if you’re pondering the question: “What Turns Men On?”, Amazon sex position fuck might be one of the biggest kinks. Moreover, it is necessary to consider the fact that a great share of male representatives adore it when their partner dominates during intimacy. So, what is Amazon sex position in practice? Scroll down to take a deeper peek into the matter. 

Top Benefits of the Amazon Sex Position

The Amazon Warrior sex position offers pleasure to both partners. Some individuals find it enjoyable because it provides support from their partner’s thighs for a bouncing motion. Others appreciate the perspective it offers from below. There are also people who enjoy the potential of exploring dominance and submission dynamics. Also, it is worth mentioning the sensations it brings to both participants in the sessions. Overall, a sex Amazon position might be beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • It provides easy access to manually stimulate the clitoris or use a sex toy for added pleasure. This allows for increased intimacy in a relationship since the male partner becomes more confident and the female partner is more satisfied with the orgasm. 
  • The Amazon position for sex gives the opportunity for the person being penetrated to control the angle and depth of penetration, enhancing comfort and satisfaction. Either man or woman can experience memorable sessions that will take their sexual experience to new heights. 
  • This pose promotes deeper eye contact, creating greater sexual intimacy and a stronger emotional connection. Therefore, both partners increase their trust in each other, which may promote a positive outcome from a sex session. 
  • Shallow penetration is an option, which can be especially helpful for individuals who experience discomfort with deep penetration, such as those with conditions like endometriosis.
  • You will spice up your sexual routine. The sex the Amazon position will give an additional dose of novelty to your relationships, jazzing up your everyday sex routine. Once you apply this position to your sex session, you will certainly discuss numerous new sensations and feelings. 
Top Benefits of the Amazon Sex Position

Amazon Style Sex Position Revealed: How to Do Amazon Sex Position?

If you are looking to take your sexual life to the next level, you will certainly need to learn how to do the Amazon sex position. Actually, there are three variations to bring this pose to life: standard, reverse, and kneeling. Familiarize yourself with all sex positions in the Amazon options, and feel free to experiment with your sexual life. 

Standard sex position Amazon

In the standard Amazon position, the person on top assumes control over both the depth and pace of penetration. The following steps outline how to perform the standard Amazon position:

  • A man or a person wearing a strap-on lies on their back.
  • They proceed to bring their knees up towards their chest.
  • The partner who will be penetrated kneels, facing the person lying down, positioning themselves between their partner’s bent legs.
  • A woman smoothly guides her upper body between her partner’s bent legs, placing her feet firmly on either side of her partner’s hips while assuming a squatting posture.
  • Penetration occurs as the woman gradually moves on top of her partner.

It is possible to adjust the motion and pressure to fine-tune the sensations and achieve the most suitable result. 

Reverse Amazon sex position

This following variation of the Amazon position sex permits the individual receiving penetration to recline against their partner, facilitating more straightforward access to anal intercourse. To perform this pose, the partner positioned at the bottom should adhere to the initial steps as described in the previous paragraph (lying on the back and bringing their knees up towards their chest), while the partner receiving penetration should:

  • Kneel, facing away from their partner at the bottom, situated between their legs.
  • Glide their upper body smoothly between the lower partner’s calves.
  • Position their feet or shins on either side of the lower partner’s hips.

If a female partner finds it uncomfortable to position on the knees, it is possible to lay on something soft. Therefore, both partners will feel more comfortable and can focus on their sensations rather than being distracted by painful sensations. 

Kneeling Amazon sex position

Once you examine any Amazon sex position diagram, photo, or video, you can see that this variation of this pose is the most complex. It requires a higher level of focus from both partners, regardless of their engagement. In this scenario, the partner on top assumes a standard Amazon position but opts to place their knees down rather than their feet. This adjustment not only eases the pressure on the person at the bottom but also alters the penetration angle. The kneeling Amazon sex position allows the partners to play around with their dominance and open up new horizons in sexual sensations, achieving climax. 

Nevertheless, it is necessary to be assured that you have enough privacy when performing this type of Amazon sex position. That is mainly because the more vigorously you bounce on your partner’s shaft, the louder the sound of clapping between your thighs and buttocks will be. Furthermore, the intense rhythm of the motion may promote louder moans of pleasure and even screams in both partners. On the contrary, there is a more sensual way to approach the Amazon position. In this variation, you simply kneel on top of your partner. While it doesn’t provide as much room for bouncing penetration, it promotes gentle grinding with men’s penis penetrating a vagina.

Factors to Consider Before Performing the Amazon Position

Since the sex position Amazon is a somewhat acrobatic method of penetration, there are a few aspects to take into account before taking a deep dive into your next sex session. 

  1. Consider using high-quality lube. Lubrication can make a big impact when trying out this position. Although Amazon doesn’t require much lubricant because it’s not a position where out-and-in penetration is required, being lubed up definitely helps both partners feel more comfortable. 
  2. Let your imagination run wild. You’ve already added some excitement with the sex position Amazon, but there are ways to turn up the heat even more. You can explore various creative approaches and enhancements to increase the excitement. There are a variety of sexual activities and toys that can be employed to heighten the enjoyment and intensity
  3. Try anal penetration. The Amazon position is also well-suited for incorporating a butt plug. The primary motivation for a woman to use a butt plug in this position is because the toy exerts pressure from inside the anus against the vaginal wall. This added pressure enhances vaginal tightness and intensifies the pressure on the G-spot, resulting in heightened pleasure and boosted sensations.
  4. Adding a vibrator to your journey makes sense. Therefore, it is possible to stimulate the female’s clitoris while performing sex the Amazon position and let the woman achieve a long-lasting orgasm. To achieve the most optimal outcome, it is advisable to use the kneeling Amazon sex position with the vibrator. 

Summing Up

Adding excitement to your intimate experiences isn’t solely about introducing new positions into your bedroom routine. It involves improving a mental state where people want to achieve limitless possibilities. When both partners prioritize each other’s satisfaction and pleasure as much as their own, it is just the right time to try the Amazon sex position. It is not only about getting pleasure but also about trust and exploring each other’s bodies. So, feel free to give it a try, and don’t forget to apply the tips I described above. 

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