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Even if you have a natural way of charming others, understanding what really excites guys can take your appeal to a whole new level. While relying on your innate charisma is great, knowing precisely what they seek will earn you even more admiration. What turns men on? Are men truly drawn to high heels and red lipsticks, or do they prefer a more natural appearance? Do they appreciate a girl who can joke around like one of the guys, or do they seek someone who exudes luxury, donning Gucci and carrying the best Michael Kors bags? Despite the perception that men are straightforward in their desires, the truth is that there are various complexities at play when it comes to what they want in a woman. Let’s delve into the top turn-ons for guys, so you can effortlessly capture the attention you desire.

What Turns Men on the Most?—Statistics & Facts

As a popular proverb says: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This means that tastes are different, and what makes one person horny is indifferent to another. Check out the relevant statistics about what turns on men and take a deeper peek into the matter. 

  1. Based on Statista, 43% of men consider speaking to their partners to be the biggest arousal, while 28% of men prefer browsing adult sites. 
  2. 33% of men consider sharing orgasms with their partners to be the most pleasing when it comes to sexual affairs. 
  3. The ultimate thrill for men in the realm of sexuality is engaging in intercourse with a new partner, and experiencing the excitement and novelty.
  4. A substantial 56% of male representatives expressed that their greatest source of excitement lies in engaging in sexual relations with someone they have never been intimate with before. 
  5. Only 30% of men share their sexual interests with their partners. 
  6. 28% of men consider recording a sexual encounter to be their highest sexual peak. 

What Turns Men on in Bed?—6 Sexual Highs for Men 

When it comes to the biggest turn-ons for guys, there’s no universal rule that applies to everyone. Preferences vary from person to person, and what one man finds appealing, another may not. Some may prefer a submissive wife, while others may be drawn to kinky games in bed. We’ve all witnessed how high heels can enhance a woman’s allure, but we’ve also encountered men who prefer their partners to wear baggy jeans rather than dresses. However, having a general understanding of what turns men on sexually can be beneficial when you’re trying to secure that elusive second date or bring your relationship to the next level. 

What Turns Men on in Bed?

📳 Starting your love game with sexting 

Whoever said that it is possible to capture a man’s attention when you’re physically together? By engaging in playful flirting over text, it is possible to keep a man thinking about a woman no matter where they both are. If they have already met in person, a lady should let him know how thrilled she is to see him again, and maybe throw in a cheeky wink or two. By the way, many experts consider sexting to be first-class foreplay before the main action. It turns on both partners and promotes a better orgasm. 

A flirty text sent at night is enough to ignite his imagination, and there’s no doubt he’ll be consumed by thoughts of this woman, even losing sleep over it. The key to turning him on through text isn’t overly complicated. Take a bit of courage and express what you’ve been wanting to say. Once he responds with an equally daring text, you’ll know you’ve hit the right spot. 

Here are some examples of flirty opening lines you can use during your flirty texting experience. By the way, they are suitable for both men and women.  

  • What are you going to do with me tonight?
  • Is it true that desire arises when partners see each other naked?
  • What do you prefer: long-lasting foreplay or crazy action in bed?
  • Can you reveal the kinkiest desires you want to incorporate at night?
  • Describe the step-by-step actions you would like to do with me in bed. 

💃Body language makes a big difference

The way you carry yourself and your nonverbal cues play a drastic role in the impression a woman makes on a man, so it’s crucial to be mindful of how you present yourself. So, the second thing what turns men on the most sexually is body language. A lady can slightly touch her shoulders while talking to a man or bite down her lip. Men consider such behavior to be very sexy and even naughty. If a lady is wearing a dress, especially one with a cut, she may stroke the exposed parts of the body, showing her hips and giving the right signals to her partner. 

🫴Incorporate gentle touches in a game 

What turns older men on? Engaging in physical touch can be a fantastic way to flirt, provided both of you are at ease with each other. A gentle stroke on his back, a warm and lingering embrace, or a gentle touch on his arm can all evoke a delightful response from a man. This also applies to making out; the most significant turn-on for guys during such moments is when you use your hands skillfully, perhaps caressing the back of his head or letting your arms explore a bit. These well-timed and affectionate touches can truly send shivers down his spine.

😍Dirty talks are great sexual triggers 

A sexy wink and a seductive glance can leave a lasting impression, but when you pair them with a playful sentence he won’t soon forget, it intensifies the excitement and lets the imagination run wild, especially in a sexual context. Anything that hints at the sensual or triggers his imagination in that direction is enough to occupy his thoughts completely. Engaging in dirty talk with him is also one of the most significant turn-ons for guys when it comes to texting. Once you’ve set the mood and you’re exchanging messages late into the night, a naughty text is precisely what can take your interaction to a whole new level.

🩰Showcase your legs 

Based on Psychology Today, the majority of men find women’s legs extremely alluring, and they are what turns men on during sex. Even though all male representatives have different erotic preferences, the woman’s body is what leaves them in awe, regardless of their physical tastes. Most men see ladies with a higher leg-length-to-body ratio in their dreams. However, even though a woman is small in height, she can still impress her partner with sexy movements, heels, stockings, and suspender belts. It is not mandatory to wear a mini, but demonstrating legs during sexual encounters is a must to blow a man away. 

😉Confident partner makes the flirty session more interesting 

Confidence is key to successful intimate encounters, and both partners should take this factor into account while trying to seduce each other. Once a woman shows that she knows what she wants and does, it definitely increases interest in men and encourages them to explore the desires of their partner even more. That is why I recommend both partners think over their desires and objectives before making the first move into exciting sex adventures. For example, if a woman wants to get engaged in oral sex, she just needs to ask her partner. That will be the highest sexual peak for him, for sure.  

What Turns Men On Visually?

Even if a man isn’t going to spend a night with a particular woman, she can still make him feel horny. That is, visual appeal means a lot when it comes to sexuality, intimacy, and romantic ventures. I carefully studied numerous blogs and decided to outline what turns men on Reddit and other popular forums. So, take a look at the biggest sexual highs for males based on real experiences. 

What Turns Men On Visually?

🍐Men are obsessed with breasts

We’ve extensively discussed how the biggest turn-ons for men can vary based on their individual preferences and what they find appealing. However, I can confidently say that heterosexual men tend to share an intense attraction to women’s décolletage. What do you think? Men’s fascination with breasts can be attributed to various reasons. Biologically, larger breasts are associated with fertility, which may naturally draw their attention. Additionally, on a more primal and sensual level, the sight of breasts increases their desires every time they catch a glimpse. It’s undoubtedly one of the most significant arousals for guys in the bedroom that attracts men visually, so it’s essential not to overlook this aspect during foreplay.

💄Lipstick & blush take men to their sexual peaks

In a nutshell, guys tend to prefer a natural or minimal makeup look much more than an extravagant one. Numerous studies indicate that women often overestimate the significance of cosmetics when trying to enhance their attractiveness, and interestingly, this approach may not be as effective when attempting to seduce a man.

I browsed through numerous men’s experiences online and found out that a natural or light makeup appearance signals good health, which men instinctively find appealing. So, if you’re wondering what turns most men on a date, consider toning down the makeup. I understand it can be tough to resist using that expensive contouring kit, but you’ll likely thank yourself for it later when you observe the positive response from your date.

👁️Eye contact is essential 

The greatest thing about intimacy is establishing eye contact. This is also especially important when it comes to arousal. Whether a woman is gazing at a man from across the nightclub or shares an intimate moment by locking eyes, it can truly be the cherry on top. A well-timed glance across the nightclub can leave a fascinating and exciting impact. In a group setting, a shared moment of laughter can carry a deeper meaning beyond just the immediate joy.

However, it is necessary to consider how to properly use this technique. If you’re puzzled over what turns on men the most during a go-out session, keeping your eyes wide open is not the way to go, for sure. Therefore, a woman might just come across as creepy and off-putting. Instead, I would recommend letting your instincts guide you, remembering that a captivating and intimate gaze can be incredibly appealing to a man once you use it appropriately.

😘A women’s scent might cause a wow effect 

Even though it isn’t a visual method to engage men’s interest, applying the right perfume makes a great difference when it comes to causing an additional dose of appeal in a male individual. What perfume turns men on? Actually, tastes vary, which is why opting for a neutral scent may be the best choice. Also, it is essential not to overdo it with the amount of perfume a woman uses. 

Males can be drawn to women who have a nice aroma, and it has even been suggested that a woman’s natural perfume is enticing to males. If a lady has a trademark fragrance, he will not only turn his head every time she walks by him, but he will also be reminded of this particular lady every single time he smells a similar aroma. 

👗Don’t underestimate a woman’s outfit

It goes without saying that a woman should look neat and enchanting, regardless of the occasion. Nevertheless, when it comes to engaging a male representative, it is necessary to consider this matter down to the tiniest detail. A lady’s outfit shouldn’t scream that she is all about being involved in a one-night stand. Instead, it should highlight all her best sides and focus on her elegance and unique features. Men adore beautiful ladies, especially when it comes to sexual encounters. 

Indeed, it is obvious that men are often enchanted by the sight of breasts. Their fantasies occupy their minds, and they can’t think of anyone except that seductive woman. If a lady is looking to turn him on, it is advisable to go ahead and reveal herself, but do it with a touch of seductiveness. I would recommend taking your time, teasingly slipping a woman’s shirt off slowly, and letting her bra straps gracefully fall off her shoulders. It would be unwise to reveal everything at once. Instead, a woman can freeze the moment and embrace the art of delayed sexiness. 

💞Creating an unforgettable aftermath 

After an incredible and passionate night, he might feel both exhausted and content, and that’s when a woman can initiate some affectionate touches. It is advisable to gently stroke his arm, back, or thigh, following his cues and guidance. It would also be great when a lady asks his preferences about being touched after such an experience. Does a man prefer being held? Or does he enjoy being the one to hold? A woman can also incorporate kisses or flirty gestures into a game. The possibilities for experiments are limitless, so feel free to play around.

Do’s and Don’ts of Turning On Men 

Study the do’s and don’ts of seducing men to gain a deeper insight into the art of kinky games. As Jack Donovan, an American writer, says: “Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor are the alpha virtues of men all over the world.” Based on this notion, I compiled a list of things to encourage in your romantic and flirty experience and aspects that are definitely worth avoiding. 

👍Great turns-on 👎Creepy turns-on
A woman showcases her sexuality thanks to natural behaviors such as establishing eye contact or focusing on her look. Behaving unnaturally and grossly, while revealing all the sexual desires at once. 
Demonstrating sexual desire slightly, while keeping secrets and unrevealed preferences Being too pushy about inviting a man to have a fling. 
Getting physical slowly while increasing a desire and describing what is going to happen next. Behaving crazy about intimate encounters and using a partner as a sex toy. It brings a negative aftermath to the overall experience.

By the way, if you want to learn more about the greatest turn-on aspects that men adore, feel free to watch this video. 

Final Word

What turns men on most? This is a widely asked question among both males and females. From sexy touches to flirty kissing — there are numerous things that can leave a man in awe. The best advice here is to behave naturally and let things flow in the right direction. Also, I would recommend both partners talk to each other and listen to each other. That is, they will find the right approach to intimacy faster and more effectively. The above-mentioned tips will help women discover valuable methods to seduce their partners and men to determine their desires more precisely. So, take time to analyze my recommendations, and good luck in your flirty journey. 

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