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Taking a temporary backseat in a relationship is a personal choice, but being titled a submissive wife implies catering to your partner’s every need. Such a role may result in underlying problems like having low self-worth, feeling insecure, or facing other challenges within the realm of love. So, what’s the story behind the idea of a submissive wife? To answer the question “What is a submissive wife?”, I conducted thorough research into the meaning and traits of a compliant partner. Additionally, I delved into the potential effect it may have on both the well-being and flow of the relationship. Continue reading to dive deeper into this intriguing topic. 

Submissive Wife Meaning—What Lies Behind its Definition?

Have you ever pondered the question: “What does submissive wife mean?” The Webster Dictionary defines submission as recognizing and accepting the authority of a higher power or another individual, yielding to their will and control. In the context of a submissive wife, apart from being a woman who dedicates herself to her husband, she also prioritizes her husband’s needs, regardless of her own will. Additionally, such women often make significant sacrifices, even compromising their own feelings and self-esteem, for the sake of maintaining their relationships and satisfying the needs of their significant other.

Anne Desclos, French author and writer describes the concept of submissiveness in such a way: “A truly submissive woman is to be treasured, cherished and protected for it is only she who can give a man the gift of dominance.” So, as you can see, in modern society, submissiveness is not only about obedience. Since nowadays people strive for gender equality, the rules for submissive wife have drastically changed. Currently, this concept implies mutual trust, understanding, and support of both partners. The cornerstone of successful submissive husband dominant wife relationships (or vice versa) is to promote bonds built on trust and transparency, open and efficient interaction with partners, and ensure no secrets remain hidden between them.

Submissive Wife Meaning

Sexually Submissive Wife: 10 Key Signs Revealed 

Whether you want to navigate the challenges of your marriage or improve the intimacy in your relationships as an obedient wife or her partner, it will be useful to discover the signs of a homemade submissive wife. I decided to incorporate real-life experiences in my research. That is, I navigated numerous blogs, including Quora and Reddit to find the real stories and genuine characteristics of a submissive wife. Once you discover the main signs of an obedient partner in a relationship, you will understand whether you or your significant other expresses the additional level of submission, so feel free to scroll down. 

Following a partner is a priority 

In a nutshell, a submissive wife is someone who sticks by her husband’s side no matter what. Come rain or shine, she’s the follower in the relationship. She’ll do whatever her partner asks, even if it means swallowing her pride or compromising her self-esteem. From everyday chores to intimate moments, she’s always there, going along with his wishes. And watch out, if she veers away from her obedient ways, there might be some form of punishment in store in their relationship. 

Displaying hostility or resistance while being in a commitment 

In the realm of rules for a submissive wife, a noteworthy trait is their knack for showing off passive-aggressive behavior while staying dedicated to their partners. By bottling up their preferences and opinions, these feelings don’t just vanish into thin air. Instead, they may be expressed in subtle ways, leading to telltale signs of obedience that may result in an increased level of negative emotions in relationships. Despite her best attempts to comply, these emotions linger beneath the surface. Suffice it to say, this kind of behavior is far from natural and could potentially breed psychological issues and lead to toxic dynamics within love affairs. It’s advisable to address these issues and try to build a more open and healthier partnership.

Justifying the rude behavior of a husband  

To define submissive wife, it is necessary to pay attention to how she rationalizes her partner’s unhealthy actions. Whether her husband undermines her or displays offensive actions, a submissive woman will consistently find ways to justify it. In such cases, she tends to respond with kindness towards her partner instead of engaging in a constructive conversation. While kindness is generally a positive trait, it becomes peculiar when someone shows understanding and empathy even when their partner hurts them. This pattern of relationship tendencies may raise concerns about the dynamics of their relationship and the wife’s sense of self-worth. To fix such issues, it is worth considering the ultimate guide to exclusive relationships: how to build lasting love and commitment to maintain a healthy atmosphere in a couple. It will make a positive impact on both partners if they feel anxious about the extensive submissiveness in love affairs. 

submissive wife justifying the rude behavior of a husband

Too dependent nature that may seem weird 

What does it mean to be a submissive wife? One prominent aspect of such behavior is showcasing a high level of dependency in romantic relationships. These women often show off traits closely associated with dependency, wherein they feel a strong need for their significant others in both physical and emotional senses. During challenging or uncertain times, they seek immense emotional care and approval from their lovers, relying on them to offer comfort and consolation. While this might seem advantageous for a dominant partner, it can be quite detrimental for those who develop excessive dependency. Such an unbalanced dynamic can lead to destructive consequences for the dependent partner, negatively impacting their personal growth and overall well-being.

Eliminating self-esteem regardless of the occasion 

When I browsed the submissive wife blog, I found out that obedient women often eliminate their self-worth, especially when it comes to the needs of their significant others. Such ladies feel normal when their husbands control their actions or humiliate them. No matter what they feel, they are usually drawn to their feelings, relying on the requests of their beloved ones. The aftermath of such a submissive, slutty wife may drastically vary. Aside from experiencing insufficient self-realization, eliminating self-esteem can result in anxiety, confusion, and total depression. 

Changing the body language drastically 

When you navigate submissive wife porn, you may notice that the ladies in such movies change their body language. They may show strange signs such as touching their faces while speaking, avoiding eye contact, or showcasing predatory smiling. Aside from giving a creepy vibe, weird body language may seem strange to surrounding people, which may reduce the number of potential acquaintances, affect the attitude of colleagues, or affect the attitude of close people. 

submissive wife behaviour

An elevated sense of uncertainty and self-doubt

A submissive wife commonly experiences heightened feelings of uncertainty, particularly in matters of sex sessions. This can result in significant imbalances in the sexual needs and objectives of both partners. To address this issue, open communication about sex becomes crucial. To tackle insecurity, it’s essential to confront negative thoughts and prioritize self-reliance. If a woman finds it difficult to highlight the positive aspects and fails to comprehend the root causes of her insecurity, it may serve as a clear sign of her submissive tendencies in love affairs. Encouraging a supportive and understanding atmosphere can help address these challenges and promote a healthier dynamic between partners.

A sense of satisfaction after manipulation 

Another sign of being submissive is allowing their husbands to manipulate them. From the onset of unnatural requests to the eventual exhortation, such behavior from husbands becomes normalized in their commitment. In this type of bond, the woman may find herself assuming the role of a victim, and strangely, she may even find satisfaction in this position. Unfortunately, this behavior can foster a sense of possession, resulting in a cycle of unhealthy patterns within love affairs. While some women may understand that such relationships are toxic, others feel comfortable and even happy. 

Strange silence

Submissive wives typically avoid provoking controversy and tend to maintain a quiet approach even in tricky situations. They prioritize compliance and rarely engage in discussions or conflicts with their beloved ones. Such women take charge of household chores, prepare meals for their husbands, pursue their careers, and handle problems independently, all while remaining silent, flexible, and continuously wearing a smile. Their focus is on pleasing their husbands and fulfilling their expectations, often sacrificing their own desires and needs. This can lead to a one-sided dynamic in the bonds, where their voice and individuality may be suppressed in favor of maintaining harmony and obedience.

An urge for punishments 

A lot of things have already been said about submissive wife punishments. Indeed, the majority of ladies don’t approach it as a humiliation. Instead, many of them consider punishments exciting. Therefore, they eliminate the level of their guilt and feel like they atone for their unusual or unexpected behavior. If a lady strives for punishment, she demonstrates the signs of submissiveness for sure. 

Submissive Wife Training: Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Submissive Wife

An essential aspect of learning the particularities of a submissive wife is to weigh the upsides and downsides of this notion. Here is what you should know about being an obedient partner. 


  • Transparent relationships without any understatement. Based on submissive wife rules, such women often determine their role in love affairs, which brings extra comfort for both partners. 
  • An extra dose of harmony in relationships. If both partners agree with their roles in their bonds, it may make their union stronger and more exciting. 
  • Increased focus on the requirements of the spouse. The submissive wife’s primary objective is to meet her partner’s desires, which can create a sense of perfect marriage.
  • No headaches from decision-making. A submissive wife gives a dominant role in relationships to her husband. This means that there is no need to puzzle over choices or make important decisions. 


  • Decreased level of self-esteem. Engaging in submissive behavior can lead to a diminished ability to achieve your desires and a decline in the respect others have for you. Moreover, it may lead to diminished self-esteem, internal resentment, and psychosomatic issues.
  • A sense of hopelessness. Suppressing one’s own interests, aspirations, or dreams can result in feeling voiceless and lacking a sense of agency in one’s life. This can lead to a profound sense of loss and disconnection from a woman’s desires and ambitions.
  • Inability to make one’s own choices. Since a woman always relies on her partner, she will not be able to make formal decisions sooner or later. It may cause a sense of frustration and despair. 

Submissive Wife Stories: What Behavior Does a Submissive Person Possess?

Submissive Wife Stories

No matter which submissive wife guide to marriage you read, you will find out that there are typical behaviors of an obedient partner. Let us consider the most common 6 ones in greater detail. 

  1. Compromise and agreeableness. It is almost impossible to engage a submissive partner in a discussion or make an argument since she will always find a way to compromise and agree with your significant other. 
  2. Seeking validation and approval. Regardless of her acceptance, an obedient wife will always seek approval from her husband, while compromising her choices and well-being. 
  3. Complying with her partner’s wishes. Even if she doesn’t strive for the same things, a submissive wife will do her best to turn her husband’s desires into reality. 
  4. Following the partner’s needs and preferences. It may seem that a submissive spouse doesn’t have her own preferences, activities, and hobbies since she always follows her husband.  
  5. Willing to let her partner take the lead. Whether it comes to the submissive wife BDSM activities or everyday routine, her husband takes a leading role in everything, 
  6. Passive communication. She may avoid overtly expressing her own thoughts or desires, preferring to communicate discreetly or quietly.

How to Be a Submissive Wife?—Valuable Insights 

There is no need to read “How to be a submissive wife” book to be equipped with valuable tips. Check out the expert advice for both a submissive wife and a dominant husband. 

Tips for a submissive wife👰Tips for a dominant husband 🧔
Regardless of your partner’s type, it’s essential to prioritize self-care and develop self-growth.Don’t overdo it to be submissive to wife since submissiveness should be discussed. 
When a husband respects your hard limits, acknowledge and appreciate this display of respect.Show respect and appreciation for the limitations of your partner. 
Listen to and analyze the wishes of your partner in order not to be involved in toxic relationships. 
Show genuine respect and appreciation for your partner’s hard limits. 
Consent is a fundamental aspect of any love affair, so don’t hesitate to openly discuss this matter.Ensure that you and your partner share common perspectives in your love affairs.
Showcase what you feel and think. Try to avoid excessive silence. Don’t manipulate, and try to talk rather than obey. 

Submissive Wife Videos & Women’s Experiences

Explore the real-life experiences of submissive wives to find inspiration and reassurance that you are not alone in your journey. If you are a man seeking or already have a submissive wife, these stories can provide a deeper understanding of what to expect in your bonds.

Sarah, 28

 submissive wife stories

The idea of a dominant wife submissive husband doesn’t live up to my relationship goals. And it was my choice to be a submissive partner. Firstly, my husband was a little bit surprised, but then he accepted our roles, which improved our marriage drastically. There is nothing wrong with being submissive. My husband treats me with respect and we are happy to share our desires with each other. 

Nancy, 30

submissive wife stories

Well, a dominate wife submissive husband isn’t for me, though we try to behave like this. Instead, I have a leading part to my partner, and this brought our family life to the heights. I like the way he treats me and it inspires me to follow him in everything. We continue to improve our intimacy and don’t stop experimenting. 

Summing Up

Taking a look at submission in relationships can be eye-opening and might give love affairs a fresh perspective. However, it is necessary to distinguish the difference between exploring new things and losing yourself in the long run. Both partners need to get the lowdown on what it means to be obedient or dominant to make their love affairs blossom. So, whether you’re up for exploring some BDSM sessions or just incorporating obedient behavior in your marriage, always remember that it should come with respect and mutual care.


What does a submissive wife mean?
A submissive wife shows genuine love and devotion by putting in significant effort for her husband’s well-being and desires. In this kind of relationship, mutual respect is the name of the game, with the wife prioritizing her husband’s needs and wants above her own.
What should a submissive wife do?
This aspect should be carefully considered by both partners. Typically, a submissive wife asks for approval, follows her partner, and fulfills his desires. However, the actions of an obedient partner may vary from couple to couple.
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