How to Be a Good Kisser

A kiss is much more than just the touching of lips. It is the joining of two souls and the exchange of energy. The way you kiss, without words, will reveal a lot about your personality and character. The right kiss can be the starting point of a happy love story that will last a lifetime. But it can also extinguish the love spark that just flashed. 

Can you master the art of the sensual kiss? Of course, yes! In this article, I will share with you the secrets of the art of kissing and give you tips that will help you win your partner’s heart from the very first touch of the lips.

Fascinating Kissing Statistics

When we kiss, we express our feelings, emotions, and desires towards our partner. The contact of lips with a desirable man or girl can tell without words about the love you feel for him or her. Kissing is a real art that has an attractive power, alluring, and inexpressible pleasure. Therefore, it is important to know how to be a good kisser for guys and girls. But before we get to the tactics of seductive kissing, let’s take a look at some fascinating statistics about them.

  • The tachycardia of the senses. A truly masterful kiss can increase a partner’s heart rate. It has been proven to increase the heart rate from 72 beats per minute to 100.
  • Calories and kissing. Kiss more often if you want to shed extra calories. Just one passionate kiss can spare you 3-9 calories.
  • Longevity through kissing. Studies have shown that men who kiss their wives before work live an average of 3-5 years longer.
  • Young and experienced. Surprisingly, 70% of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 experience their first kiss before they turn 15. While only 46% of their parents had this experience at the same age.
  • Kissing before marriage. Before officially marrying a man, a girl has an average of 79 kisses with other partners. 

These fascinating facts and figures make kissing even more magical. And if you also know how to be a really good kisser and what techniques to use to seduce a girl with your lips, you will be the best of the best.

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How to Be a Good Kisser for Your First Kiss: Anatomy of a Kiss

Experienced kissers remember that the main components of kissing are lips, tongue, eyes, tenderness, caress, and rhythm. Without these, your kiss will be a dry, spastic touch that will push your partner away. Going back to the Reddit “how to be a good kisser” articles, it’s important to enjoy kissing as the act itself, rather than seeing it as a prerequisite to something else. Kissing is one of the most passionate expressions of your feelings. Treat them with the utmost respect and be mindful of their anatomy.

Anatomy of a Kiss

👁 Eyes and gaze

Whether your eyes are open or closed during a kiss is a secondary factor. You shouldn’t give it much importance if your partner has said nothing to you about it. However, deep eye contact during a kiss enhances the intimate connection between you.

Look deeply into the partner’s eyes before and after kissing. This will convey to how much he attracted you and show him how much you desire him. Eye contact gives the first impetus to intimacy.

🫦 Mouth and passionate lips

An element that no kiss is without. However, most kissers do not know how to work with it. Someone opens his mouth too wide, and someone, on the contrary, is afraid to make an unnecessary movement. I’ll tell you more about what to pay attention to.

  • Teeth. If you ask how to be a good kisser wikiHow, you will find many interesting factabout how at some partners can hit their teeth kissing. If it’s not a tumultuous kiss, it’s not a big deal. However, if it happens too often, you can slow down a bit to learn how to avoid tooth collisions.
  • Lips. Knowing how to work your lips is key to a successful kiss. It is important to find a balance. Your lips shouldn’t be tense, but they shouldn’t be too relaxed either. There should be pressure between your lips, but you don’t need to be too assertive.
  • Tongue. How to work with the tongue? There are many options and finding the best tactics that will excite your partner can only be done by trial and error. Reverently and gently lick your partner’s lips. Move on his tongue and mouth slowly, then try light shaking movements. The tongue is a powerful muscle with tremendous possibilities that are worth exploring. Try different techniques, engage erotic movements, don’t forget to suck your lips and gently run your tongue over your partner’s teeth.
  • Saliva. It’s integral to kissing. Think about how uncomfortable it would be to kiss without it. However, if your partners frequently wipe their chin, it’s overkill. What to do. Swallow your saliva after each deep breath. You may be so engrossed in your kiss that you don’t notice the excess saliva. But I suggest you swallow it more often, so your partner doesn’t feel uncomfortable. 

👅 Head and rhythm

It is important to move your head while kissing slowly and naturally, following a certain rhythm. If your partner doesn’t move his head the way you want, you can stroke his hair with your fingers. By massaging his head, you will control the movements better. The natural desire of partners will be to touch the hair and lean towards the partner. Such movements have a rhythm that gives pleasure from the process itself. 

How to Be a Good Kisser Without Experience

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Remember that every person is unique, and there is no universal approach of how to be a good French kisser. The most vital thing is that both you and your partner feel comfortable. It will not be superfluous to arm yourself with a stock of tips and tricks that will teach you how to kiss well or help your partner. It is also important to learn how to read the signals shown by someone who wants a kiss. Among the most common ones are these:

  • Getting closer. The movements of the person show that someone is interested in you. If a partner gets closer to you, movingtowardo your face, this is a signal that he or she wants a kiss. 
  • Intense gaze. The person who is thinking about kissing you may not notice that they are staring intently at you and your lips. But it’s a good sign to kiss. 
  • Smile. Smiling shows your partner’s intention to be closer to you. If while smiling the person squints eyes a little, it shows that they are worried. The partner is nervous at this moment and is waiting for the next step. 
  • Touching. A light and careful touch on your arm, shoulder, or face is part of flirting. But it’s also your partner’s attempt to showyou thatu he or she is open to intimacy and contact.
  • Slowing down your movements. If your movements or your partner’s movements become slower and more measured, it shows a desire for intimacy. In this way, the body intuitively shows that it is open to kissing and touching.
  • Moment of silence. If the conversation suddenly falters, and there is a brief pause, take advantage of the moment. This is the perfect opportunity to kiss your partner and receive a mutual, reciprocal kiss. 

10 Steps on How to Be a Good Kisser

There is an opinion that the first kiss a man makes secretly. The second he asks for as a plea. The third kiss he demands. The fourth he takes without permission. Feelings of passion, tenderness, and trust can easily be expressed through kissing. Want to know how to be a good kisser female and male, then follow my 10 tips, and your partner will be blown away with delight.

💋 Don’t kiss anyone you don’t really want to kiss

Kissing is an intimate act that should be sincere and come from deep within. It is important to only kiss someone if you really want to and feel comfortable around that person. Kissing someone because of pressure or obligation is not the best approach, as it can cause discomfort for both you and your partner. Such a kiss will not be passionate and playful. You will not enjoy the process, and you will long remember the feelings of awkwardness and discomfort. But a kiss with a desirable person will cover you with incredible emotions.

👅 Be careful with your tongue

Let’s face it: not everyone has the art of French kissing. Someone even at 30, is trying to learn how to be a good kisser. Yahoo won’t help here, but my tips do. Skillful use of the tongue can add passion and excitement to a kiss, while clumsy use can ruin everything. Before you put your tongue in her mouth, make sure that your partner reciprocates and likes what you are doing.

🌅 Understand the importance of setting

The setting and environment can make a big difference in the experience of kissing. Choose a comfortable and private place where you and your partner can feel relaxed and at ease. An environment that matches the mood you want to create can make the kiss more memorable and enjoyable.

Don’t insist on kissing at the end of a date just because everyone else does it. But also, do not delay this moment for too long, because your partner may tire of waiting. Watch their facial expressions and movements. If they touch you, arbitrarily tilts the head to you – these are signs that the situation has played into your hands, and you can kiss your soulmate.

🌬 Take care of fresh breath

Maintaining fresh breath is crucial to a pleasant kiss. Before kissing someone, chewing gum, using mints, or brushing your teeth. Good oral hygiene shows your respect for your partner and improves their overall impression of you.

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⏰ Give each other time

Don’t rush, take all the initiative and urge your partner on to the next step – this can push them away unexpectedly. Let yourself relax and enjoy the moment, because the whole world is ready to wait! Just analyze the situation, ask if your partner is ready for a kiss. If the answer is no, then say that you are ready to wait and do not rush things. 

❓ Ask your partner what they want

Communication is key. Before leaning in for a kiss, ask your partner if he or she is okay with it. This way, you’ll show that you respect his boundaries. Having an open conversation about kissing can also create a more comfortable atmosphere between the both of you. If a woman does not hesitate to discuss sexual topics with you, then she is ready to be intimate with you.

👀 Pay attention to what your partner is doing

Pay attention to your partner’s body language and signals. This will help you gauge their interest in you. If they are leaning in, maintaining eye contact, or showing positive signs, they are probably ready for a kiss. If the movements seem unsure and aloof, it may be best to abstain.

❌ Avoid hickeys 

Who would have guessed that working as a vacuum cleaner and leaving huge bruises on your partner’s body would ever be sexy and fashionable? Even though the fashion for hickeys has gone nowhere, and some people get so carried away with the process that their partner becomes a tasty morsel for them. Remember, strong hickeys are not suitable for everyone. Instead, it is better to opt for gentle kisses along the neck or even light nibbling, which can excite your partner more than hickeys. Try this approach. It will give you more pleasure and save you from neck marks at the end of the date. 

🙈 Close your eyes

Try closing your eyes while kissing your partner. This will heighten your sensations, you will hear your partner’s breathing and feel the caressing touch of their hands. Besides, staring into the eyes while kissing may seem a little awkward, right? But before kissing, it is a good signal that you want intimacy and are ready for the next step.

🖐 Incorporate touch into the kissing game

Don’t limit yourself to your partner’s face. A gentle touch on the neck or a hug during a kiss will add a special intimacy and sensuality. Forget about everything that is going on around you. There is only you and your partner. Do not be afraid to touch. This will only increase your sensations when kissing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I want to say that the art of kissing your partner correctly means much more than many people think. A properly made kiss can ignite a powerful flame of sincere love, becoming the beginning of an exciting love story. A humble, dry kiss without passion‌ can only prove to be a repulsive factor that will break the delicate balance between partners. 

Thus, by paying attention to the skills and sensual harmony in kissing, you can enrich your relationship by giving each other unforgettable moments of pleasure and passion. After all, through proper kissing we can express our deepest feelings and strengthen not only the intimate bond but also the soulful one.


How can I be the best kisser?
To become a great kisser, focus on your partner. Pay attention to your partner’s cues and preferences, vary your technique with gentle kisses and playful nibbles, and maintain eye contact to enhance intimacy.
Can a bad kisser get better?
Yes, bad kissing can improve with practice. Learn tips for beginners on how to become a better kisser. Remember to hear your partner. His or her movements and gestures will tell you a lot. By trying different techniques, you can improve your kissing skills. If you are open to new things, ready to try, experiment and do not stand still, then soon your kisses will become more skillful, tender and unforgettable.
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