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Lisa Sparks is a porn actress who starred in more than 160 films and has millions of fans worldwide. But how did a young woman manage to gain incredible popularity in the porn industry, and what is her life like at present? Let’s find it out right now!

Private Life and Beginning of Career

Lisa Sparks was born on October 6, 1977, in the USA, Bowling Green. Her parents moved to Louisville, where she finished high school. Education at the University of Kentucky was too expensive, so Sparks had to earn money as a hairdresser. There she met her future spouse, Jeffrey S. Hansen. They married in 1995. With a master’s degree in multimedia, she applied to become an adult actress. Her future husband encouraged her to do this. Sparks did not know about the guy’s participation in exchanges of partners for privacy when they met. The idea struck her as tempting. The husband was attracted to look at the spouse entering into a relationship with other men. The couple filmed videos and photos with a camera for their personal archives.

Sparks had an only daughter. Lisa says about her: “To be honest, she outshined me in beauty! I may be biased, but I never show her … She has nothing to do with my work. ” Initially, Sparks started a personal website for candid videos and photos. Lisa earned fame and popularity closer to 2004. The husband was the director of almost all of Sparks’ works. The filmography consists of 243 projects – 15 with women and 108 men. She did not collaborate with film studios – scenes were published on the official website.

World Record

World Record October 2004 marked the beginning of Lisa’s fame. The Eroticon festival took place in Warsaw, where she set a world record. Sparks had intercourse with 919 men in less than a day (22 hours). Her husband supported her morally. Earlier, the American Victoria Jivens, who performed the act with 101 partners, set the record.

The Popularity of Lisa Sparks

Any resident of the United States can participate in the film with Lisa. It is enough to provide a certificate of the absence of sexually transmitted diseases, be at least 18, well-groomed, and attach a photo. Next, the person should leave a request on the website and wait. The popularity was reflected in the appearance of Sparks – she gained a lot of weight. Height 174 cm, volumes 95-68-99 and fourth size breasts turned into 100-96-120, seventh breast size and 130 kilograms. However, this does not interfere with her work – fans love movies with her participation.

Recent News

Now Lisa Sparks is 43. She has an active YouTube channel with her best friend, Matt. The adult film actress responds to comments. The blog has 3.3 thousand subscribers. However, despite the fame of the heroine of adult cinema, viewers do not ask questions related to this issue. Instead, Lisa shoots conversational videos and broadcasts funny incidents.

Sparks entered an educational establishment in 2012, aiming to become a sports manager. Also, she works as a fitness trainer. The woman’s Instagram is filled with personal photos – it is noticeable that she is not an active user. On Twitter, Sparks is more outspoken. Lisa doesn’t like talking about her husband, so you will not find much information about his personality. However, the couple has been happy together for 26 years. A career as an adult film actress hasn’t gotten in the way of family life.

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