Author Robert Miller

Author Robert Miller

Robert Miller, a seasoned writer and relationship specialist affiliated with SmartDate, is renowned for his insightful articles on sexual emotions for couples. Drawing from his expertise, Robert offers valuable guidance to help individuals cultivate fulfilling relationships while navigating the complexities of intimacy and emotional connection.

Articles Written by Robert Miller

what is pegging

What Is Pegging in Sex?—Meaning, Features, and Main Tips Outlined 

What is pegging in sex? If you are ripe for some extraordinary sexual practices and want to spice up your intimacy routine, it is just the time to explore the…
sex in a new relationship

Sex in a New Relationship – When it is a High Time to Make Love?

When we meet somebody special, we feel excited and happy. We are eager to spend more time together, and get to know each other better. Still, there is one crucial…
scissor sexual position

Scissor Sexual Position—Discover The Pleasure From Scissoring 

A scissor sexual position, also known as tribbing, is a special pose in sex between two female representatives. The main idea of scissoring is when both partners rub their vaginas…
pornography in north korea

Pornography in North Korea: Everything that You Should Know

North Korea is one of the most closed countries in the world. So far, almost nothing is known about what is happening in this country, how its population lives and…
phone sex free

Phone Sex Free—Kickstart Your Phone Sex Adventures With Useful Tips

If you want to try phone sex free, you should learn all the particularities of this activity. It implies sexual activity by phone, video chat, or exchanging messages. At least…
intimacy in a relationship

Intimacy In a Relationship. How to Keep It In Your Couple?

What is intimacy in a relationship? Almost all people, when they hear the word “intimacy” mean physical or sexual closeness between partners in a relationship. Psychologists say that intimacy can…