Author Robert Miller

Author Robert Miller

Robert Miller, a seasoned writer and relationship specialist affiliated with SmartDate, is renowned for his insightful articles on sexual emotions for couples. Drawing from his expertise, Robert offers valuable guidance to help individuals cultivate fulfilling relationships while navigating the complexities of intimacy and emotional connection.

Articles Written by Robert Miller

MILFs Looking for Sex

Horny MILFs Looking for Sex: Would You Join?

Tastes differ. Some men are into having sex with women of the same age while others prefer unusual experiences. If you like older women, then you may feel free to…
having sex in public

Having Sex In Public—Handy Guide to Improve Your Public Sex Adventure

If you want to try what it is like having sex in public, you will certainly need to read this article to the very end. What are the best places…

Foreplay Revealed: Why Is Foreplay Important In Love Affairs?

Foreplay implies a range of intimate actions and behaviors designed to elicit sexual arousal, pleasure, anticipation, and attraction between partners. Its primary goal is to stimulate the desire, creating an…