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There are numerous sex festivals all over the world. Some of them are devoted to music and traditional sex, while others dwell on the topic of kinky sex adventures and punishments. With a rich array of options on offer, you will surely find the one that suits you most. Once you visit a sex fest of your choice, you will seize a chance to discover the most naughty techniques and sex approaches of the culture you are engaged in. Moreover, being a participant in different adult festivals is a great opportunity to explore the world. Keep reading to learn about the most prominent adult events and choose your next venture.   

What Happens In a Sex Festival?—All Secrets Revealed

If you have never experienced sex at concerts and are an aspiring sex-festival goer, you may wonder what actually happens in such events. A recent study by online ticket vendor TickPick shows that more and more people want to participate in the greatest sex festivals to obtain absolutely new experiences and learn their hard limits. So, what to expect?

Suffice it to say, all adult events have different conceptions. Some of them offer 24/7 raves, while others assume visiting workshops, product presentations, and meeting like-minded people. Nevertheless, as an experience shows, the majority of participants are looking for a one-night stand and a rave counterpart. Depending on your goals, you will certainly find an activity to your taste. The most important task here is to choose the right public sex festival. 

Can You Have Sex on Festival?—Interesting Facts to Know

Granted, everyone who is planning to visit an adult event is wondering whether it is possible to have sex at festival. Based on TickPick’s findings, the main purpose of visiting an event for adults is to pick up a partner and have physical intercourse. Depending on the fest, folks may take part in sex orgies, oral sex sessions, and full-blown intercourse. Everything depends on your fantasy and desires. Here are top facts about festival public sex:

  1. 38% of seasoned veterans are going to party harder than ever.
  2. 44% of participants want to experience just kissing, while 32% are ready for open-air intercourse. 
  3. More people (30%) prefer oral sex to heavy petting (22%).
  4. 71% of fest participants have intimacy in their cars, while 59% of adventurous feelings seekers prefer to do it in a tent. 
  5. Firefly Music Festival is the most popular place where people want to explore the hardest limits. 

Top 7 Sex Festivals You Should Add to Your “To Visit” List

Different festivals offer various opportunities for their visitors. We’ve compiled top contenders currently available for you not to miss any essential sex event. With all the perks outlined, you will certainly choose a sex festival that works for you. 


sex festivals in usa 2017

Firefly was recognized as one of the best sex festivals in USA 2018 and it continues to hit the scene. Whether you are all about a roller disco and drug brunch or a pride parade and pleasant conversations, you can get all your desires covered. With Firefly, you can spend less time traveling and more having fun and exploring new kinky adventures. It is also possible to choose the most suitable campground for you and your festival crew. Before visiting this event, don’t forget to refresh your mind about when to celebrate sex and have an unforgettable experience with a potential partner. This information will definitely come in handy during your next sex venture. 


  • Affordable price
  • Reputable event
  • Numerous participants from all over the country

Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant

sex festivals in usa 2017

If you are looking for the most explicit sex festival United States, pay attention to Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant. Indiana’s most infamous nudist resort regularly hosts a daring sex contest. Beautiful naked women compete for the title of Miss Nude. Erotic dances and acts bordering on hardcore sex attract thousands of fans of exhibitionism to this coast. Most probably, you have never seen so many naked women in one place! This erotic festival has been held annually since 1975, so it has a rich history and numerous advantages to boast. 


  • No need to travel outside the country 
  • Spectators are allowed to take photographs
  • A bevy of activities that complement a show 

Folsom Street Fair

Folsom Street Fair is one of the best BDSM festivals worldwide. Before visiting this event, it is wise to recollect some BDSM rules in order to have a safe experience during your sessions. It is worth noting that it takes place in San Francisco, California — the hottest spot for kinky people. 

For those who are not indifferent to leather and latex, as well as various games in the style of BDSM, this is the main holiday of the year. It is possible to meet the most incredible characters on the streets of the city such as a policeman in a leather uniform, a chained angel dressed in feathers, and an almost naked man of respectable years with a gag in his mouth. Do not forget to visit the largest fetish fair to choose an interesting device for your scenes. 


  • BDSM-focused sex fest
  • Numerous participants annually 
  • A rich array of workshops 

Love Parade

sex festivals in europe

Those who want to visit one of the most prominent sex festivals in Europe should definitely consider Love Parade. Although this is not an official sex event, one and a half million young people participate in it annually. While dressing extremely candidly, they drink, dance, and kiss all day and night. Love Parade is also the largest techno event on the planet, where you can listen to the compositions of the best DJs. Before heading out to get tickets, check out which city the festival will take place this year. Recently, it has been migrating across German cities. This event has a long history with ups and downs, but you need to absorb its atmosphere to take the fullest advantage of your adventure. 


  • Unforgettable European sex experience
  • Ability to explore German culture
  • First-class organization

Kanamara Matsuri

Japanese sex culture has been always engaging people from the West. If you want to explore it more, feel free to visit Kanamara Matsuri. Being one of the most widely-recognized Japanese sex festivals, it features a lot of people from all over the world. Here, you will have an exclusive chance to make your sexual imagination run wild and your dirtiest wishes come true. Even though the event seems to be too explicit, it has excellent goals. The participants usually promote here fertility for future mothers, safe sexual relationships, and mutual understanding between sex partners. All money raised during this fest is donated to charity.   


  • The ability to take a deep dive into the Japanese sex culture
  • Is held annually
  • Worlds craziest adult only festival 

Mardi Gras

sex festival

During Mardi Gras, the traditional pre-Lent carnival in the usually quiet New Orlean turns into a celebration of eroticism. Having discarded all prohibitions, the beauties, excited by the attention of the crowd, expose their bodies, preferring several beaded pendants to traditional clothes. Therefore, it is not surprising that places in city hotels at this time fly away long before Christmas. So, if you want to achieve authentic pleasure or even take part in the action, feel free to visit one of the most mysterious and exciting sex festivals on the globe.  


  • Affordable
  • Ability to explore New Orlean 
  • A rich array of different activities 


This porn festival usually takes place in London. It boasts a calm and relaxed atmosphere, declared as “the union of everything erotic on the globe.” Beautiful shows, erotic jewelry boutiques — everything suggests that eroticism is not a forbidden fruit, but a way of life. You will need to feel the mood of this event to expand your ideas about sex and get acquainted with the latest novelties of latex fashion. Erotica is an excellent chance to jazz up your sex life and experience special emotions. 


  • Numerous like-minded singles
  • Inimitable atmosphere
  • Ability to explore British sex values

Summing up

Anybody can take a fresh look at familiar intimate relationships, just visiting the best sex festivals in the world. So, whether you are going to diversify  your relationships, find someone special, or rave hard, you will definitely accomplish your goals at one of the events mentioned above. 

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