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If you’ve never tried mutual masturbation as a separate sex activity or a part of sexual intercourse, you should definitely consider incorporating it into your intimate life. There are so many exciting ways to please yourself and your partner, and mutual wanking is one of the most effective ones. This article dwells upon the topic of the advantages of mutual teasing of genitals, how it may affect the relationships and which poses to choose to take the full advantage of your kinky journey. 

What Is Mutual Masturbation?—Relevant Facts and Statistics

You might watch multiple mutual masturbation sex videos, but you have never known that it is the most intimate activity you can do with your partner. The process of teasing, touching, and stimulating your partner’s genitals may be exciting and terrifying simultaneously. Not all people are ready to talk about it, but almost everyone pictures this enjoyable activity in their minds. 

According to the world’s largest survey dedicated to masturbation, 57.5% of respondents have masturbated with their partners simultaneously. Moreover, both American men and women are open to trying new sexual experiences with sex toys incorporated. 18% of people consider that it is essential to talk about a mutual handjob since this topic isn’t that developed compared to the traditional sex. 

No matter what your initial sex purposes are, fingering and rubbing may be rather beneficial for your love affairs and even health. Just like in mutual masturbation porn, you can moan from pleasure and wiggle from the gentle rouches of your partner. It is worth mentioning that this sex activity assumes multiple scenarios: 

  • you can tease your genitals while watching how your partner is involved in the solo sex; 
  • both you and your partner stimulate each other’s intimate body parts to achieve orgasm;
  • you may take part in the mutual masturbation groups with mixed activities during the session.
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Top Advantages of Mutual Masturbation

Just like sex, mutual masterbation porn has a lot of advantages. Apart from getting closer to your partner, you can open absolutely different world of sexual activities. You can discover when to celebrate sex and have unforgettable experiences while exploring the deepest sex desires of your significant other. Study the list of possible benefits of mutual teasing, and feel free to discuss this topic with your partner to the tiniest details. 

Additional Dose of Dopamine, Endorphins, and Oxytocin

Based on the University of Michigan study, orgasms result in additional production of dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin — the “love” hormone in the human body. A boost of these hormones, consequently, declines the level of cortisol, the main hormone of fear. Therefore, it is possible to eliminate stress, improve sleep and balance weight. This means that your mutual masturbation xxx sessions will make it easier for you to be fit, relaxed, happy, and healthy.

Boosted Self-Worth

Couples who watch mutual masturbation videos and emulate them in real life have a positive attitude toward their bodies and a significant level of self-confidence. When you are aware of how to deliver unforgettable sensations to yourself and your partner, you feel more self-assured as a lover and sex counterpart.

Understanding how your body works, and what you are capable of helps you make better decisions and improve your skills no matter which kind of relationships you are involved in. Moreover, you can set stronger boundaries when it comes to sexual partners and relationships. Once you are aware of your sex appeal, will improve your porn mutual masturbation session every single time you do it. 

Experiments with Sex Toys

Regardless of whether you want to experience mutual masturbation online or enjoy physical interaction, you can incorporate multiple sex toys into your gameplay. They will help you achieve unique sensations and emotions. You can use the toy to satisfy yourself or your partner — the choice is yours. Once you realize that you can control the physical excitement during your gameplay, you can get even more self-assurance.  

There are different kinds of toys that belong to multiple fetishes. It is even possible to try BDSM games to jazz up your sex journey drastically. Nevertheless, in this case, you will need to remember BDSM rules and techniques. Even if you are involved in the weirdest sexual practices, you can always use mutual masturbation with toys as a perfect way to diversify your sex sessions. 

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Easy to Get Orgasm

You’ve probably watched mutual masterbation videos and noticed how easy it was for the participants to get to the heights. The bragging point of a handjob and fingering is that you can control the movements and come to the finish faster, and sometimes even more effectively. By stimulating the most sensitive body area of your partner, you get it effortless to get an orgasm. 

The quality of orgasm is another aspect to consider. If your partner feels relaxed and safe, if there is mutual understanding and support between you two, the quality of orgasm will be much higher. In case your girlfriend or boyfriend feels awkward about your sexual life, they won’t be able to relax to the fullest, which will result in failed expectations. 

Ability to Diversify Your Intimate Life 

If you are a traditional sex admirer, you may feel bored with your casual naughty nights sooner or later. This is where porn mutual masturbation comes on stage. It will help you add an additional dose of adventure into your intimate life since you will experience totally new feelings. It is worth mentioning that a simultaneous handjob can’t replace penetrative sex since it is essential for relationships and your body. Use seniors mutual masturbation as a way to spice up your sex routine or as an appetizer to the main action. 

Excellent Way to Get an Orgasm Without Contraceptives 

Unfortunately, people don’t always have contraceptives at hand. However, you will never know where the next sex venture takes you. That is where mutual public masturbation will come especially in handy. You can easily deliver extraordinary sensations to your partner by teasing, touching, and playing with their genitals. Moreover, it is comfortable to do it in public. Besides getting completely new experiences, you will have an opportunity to learn the sexual kinks of your partner.  

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Choosing the right mutual masturbation positions makes a big difference, especially if you want to get an unforgettable orgasm. You can experiment with multiple poses and choose the ones that work for your couple. Also, the choice of the position depends on whether you are going to tease your partner or yourself. 

On the back

Both men and women can lie on their backs and bring their knees to the chest. It is possible to insert a finger or two into the vagina, press them against its front wall and make a beckoning motion “come here.” Experiment with this technique by stretching one and the other leg alternately or by placing a pillow under your ass. Men can also use this position to tease their penis. If your partner wants to take control over your genitals, they can sit in front of you and please you with gentle touches. 

Lying on the Stomach 

This simple pose can quickly and easily take you to the peak of sexual bliss. You just need to lie on your stomach, stretch out on the bed, and put one hand between your legs. It is possible to rub either a vagina or penis against the surface of the bed, squeeze and relax your hips. The ingenious combination of these techniques will not leave you indifferent. Nevertheless, this position is most convenient for ladies as it allows them to effectively stimulate their G-spot.

Standing Position

Standing mutual masturbation is one of the favorite sex activities for both males and females. It is possible to do solo sex or switch roles — this pose will allow you to explore all boundaries of your imagination. Thus, one participant can stimulate two genitals simultaneously which will give them the entire control over the action. Just imagine that you can adjust movements, pressure, and pace just the way you like. It goes without saying that both partners will be amazed by such naughty tricks. 


Sexual tantric techniques are well suited to strengthen the relationship with a partner. Sit in front of your significant other and hug their legs. Establish eye contact and synchronize your breathing. At first, you may both be embarrassed, the pose may seem strange, but do not interrupt eye contact and hugs. Continue to look into each other’s eyes, and start gently rubbing each other. It is advisable to start from the safe areas (neck, forearms), gradually moving to the lower abdomen. Try this position to experience something special. 

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Mutual Masturbation Instructions: Effective Tips and Hacks 

If you decide to mutual masturbate, feel free to learn these tips below. They allow you to get the right start and take full advantage of your sex journey. Having this information at hand, you can always have a trump card to amaze your partner. 

  1. Watch tutorials. Surf the web and try to find relevant information on mutual masturbation sites. It is essential not to follow amateurish recommendations since they may be rather questionable and spoil the overall aftertaste from the session. 
  2. Listen to your significant other. You can talk during the action to deliver the best satisfaction possible to each other. Also, it is worth listening to the breathing and moans of your partner to get assured that you are doing everything right. 
  3. Spice up your relationships with online mutual masturbation. If you are living apart but want to maintain your close bonds and passion, feel free to try mutual masturbation webcam. You can experiment with poses and use all the above-mentioned tips to make your sex venture just unforgettable.   
  4. Try different places. You will never know where you will be when the desire arises. Whether you are in the park or festival, you can always find a safe place for quick masturbation. Just imagine which emotions and sensations you will achieve.

Final Word  

Physical and virtual mutual masturbation has always been a matter of concern for different couples. Some of them just picture genitals teasing in their minds while others prefer to go into the action and play around with different poses and techniques. Aside from being beneficial for your relationships, mutual fingering allows you to experience the sexual satisfaction you have never had before. So, feel free to talk to your partner and let the action start. 

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