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Sex is an important part of every adult’s life and it’s strange to deny it. Intimate intercourse comes up with lots of benefits. People are making love to cope with stress, get pleasure, have kids, deal with their curiosity, etc. Whatever your reason is, you should know special days on what to celebrate sex. Join an active community of the same-minded people and have sexual holidays all year round.

National Sex Day: What is It?

There is a special day in the sex calander that is called National Sex Day. It is an unusual time when you can have any experiments and live a healthy sexual life. This holiday is celebrated on June, 9 or in other words 6/9. It’s quite a symbolic number, isn’t it?  Moreover, there is a lot of things to do. Do you want to join the fest? Here are a few options to consider.

1.      Check new sex positions

Have you seen a great sex position in a porn film or found it online? National sex day seems to be a great opportunity to try it at last. Leave a zone of your comfort, and widen your horizons. Even if you feel some discomfort, over time you can become more and more relaxed. Therefore, if you heard about some interesting sex position from your friend and feel excited about trying it, then do not postpone sexual experiments anymore. Discuss the details with your partner, prepare everything necessary, and start the grand game at last to celebrate June 9th national day.

2.      Use sex toys

If you have not tried sex toys before, then sex day is a great time to start. Do not pay attention to numerous myths that are associated with sex toys. Initially, they were designed to help people realize all their hot dreams and get rid of all frames. Using sex toys, you can explore your sexuality, satisfy your partner and take care of your own desires.  You shouldn’t go to local shops if you feel a little bit shy. It is possible to order any toys without leaving your place. Visit a reliable website, choose the desired items, and add them to the cart. Wait for your order and start your experiments either alone or with your partner, depending on what you dream about. Recent statistics prove an increasing interest of adults in purchasing sex toys.

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3.      Join a dating website

Do not get upset if there is no compatible partner to have some fun with on the day of sex. You can always join a reliable dating website and look for the right match there. It is an especially nice idea in case you look for a one-night stand experience. There you can find a hookup partner for the celebration of sex. Moreover, you will not risk your safety in case you have a relationship but look for somebody else for sex experiments. Nobody will put a shame on you and you can feel absolutely free to realize all your hidden desires.

Other Significant Days in Sexual Holidays Calendar

Now you know that National sex day is June 9th, but it doesn’t mean that you can have fun only on this date.  There are so many other occasions to experiment, widen your horizons, and have an unforgettable time. Let’s see, what to celebrate besides international sex day.

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Winter sex calendar

When is sex day? Whenever you want. For example, winder offers a few nice dates to celebrate and have fun:

  1. Global Orgasm Day (December, 22). Orgasm is what most people expect while having sex. They enjoy celebrating a special day in December and believe that it is important not only for the body’s sake. Enthusiasts encourage people to think not only about orgasm while making love on this day, but about the piece as well. The energy that you deal with has impressive power, so you have a really important mission on Orgasm Day.
  2. Sex in shower day (January,13). Perhaps many people love making love in the shower. January, 13 is a suitable day to do it officially. Besides getting clean, you can experiment with new sex poses, and spice up your routine sex intercourse. 
  3. Fetish day (January, 15). If you have some dark fetish, then this day allows you to celebrate it either with your partner or alone.Forget about all boundaries and have fun without any restrictions.
  4. Work naked day (February, 7). Unfortunately, you can celebrate this sexday only if you are working remotely. Coming naked to your workplace will not surely appeal to your coworkers or look normal.

Spring sex calendar

Spring is also rich in national sex days. Here are a few dates to enjoy and receive unforgettable experiences:

  1. National threesome day (March, 3).  If you have been thinking about a threesome experience for some time, but always postponed it, then Threesome day is a great chance to try something new. If you have a regular partner, ensure that you both seek such experience. Discuss rules and follow them strictly not to deal with some kind of disappointment in the long run.
  2. Steak and Blowjob Day (March, 14). Everybody knows about St. Valentine’s Day, but let’s face the truth that all associated romantic staff appeals more to women. Steak and Blowjob Day acts as a reward for men. On this day, they expect to have a delicious dinner, and blowjob after it.  Guys all over the world enjoy celebrating this holiday, so you can also join them.
  3. Cake and Cunnilingus Day (April, 14). This holiday is created especially for women. They are known to eat a cake and receive cunnilingus afterward. A smart combination of sweets and oral sex can drive any lady crazy. Hence, if the men want to demonstrate their affection, this holiday is the best time to do it.
  4. Horny Day (April, 16).  Are you ready to celebrate nudity? Prepare a few hot pictures to send to your partner, or come up with even more creative ideas to demonstrate at night. Follow your heart and have a lot of fun together.
  5. Make out Day (May, 5).  Have you been dating your partner for a long time? Then, do not miss a day to rekindle the passion once again. Come up with a few nice ideas and become passionate lovers again.
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Summer sex calendar

June 9 is a national what day to celebrate. But this is not the only important date in the relevant calendar when talking about summer. Mind a few more dates to celebrate:

  1. World Kama Sutra Day (June, 21). What is June 9th national day? It is not the same holiday as World Kama Sutra Day. The latter provides you with a special opportunity to celebrate the holiday in pleasant company and try new poses. According to Wikipedia, Kama Sutra lets to fill life with pleasant moments, so why miss such a chance?
  2. No Panty Day (June,22). Have you ever left your place without undies? Many girls are known to do this regularly. You can also try such an experience on June, 22. But be sure that you are not going todo any extreme activities on this day.
  3. Kissing Day (July,6). It is a day to remember the importance of a kiss for any type of relationship. So while giving a kiss on July, 6, promise to keep the tradition every day.
  4. Handjob Day (July, 21). Guys all over the worldwait for this holiday. They know about it and expect to get enormous pleasure.
  5. BDSM Day (July, 24). This day is important for fans of BDSM.You get a chance to practice various roleplaying. What fantasies is your mind full of? Do not restrict yourself. Bondage, submission, discipline, and other ideas can be easily realized on this day.

Autumn sex calendar

  1. Sexual Health Day (September, 4). On this day, countries worldwide hold special meetings to boost awareness of sexual health. You can participate in meetings that remind you how important safe sex is.
  2. Message day (October,1). Are you a big fan of massage? There is a special day to take out all oils and enjoy a sensual massage. In case you want to go even further, then learn a few great tricks to get an incredible experience with your partner. 
  3. Kink Day (October,6). If you have been thinking about the kinky side of your sexuality for some time, then it is an excellent opportunity to do this at last. You can be either alone, or with your partner. In any case, you should remember to be safe.
  4. Ass Day (October, 17). It is another great occasion in the national sex day calendar. Why not dedicate a special day to celebrate your booty? Come up with a few great ideas and have a great time on October, 17.
  5. Sex toy day (November, 4). Adults worldwide like using sex toys to make sexual intercourse even more exciting. You can experiment with your partner, and gain new experiences. In case your partner doesn’t mind, make a video to show how to use a chosen item.
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A Few More Sex Days to Celebrate

Are you looking for even more days to celebrate sex? Here are a few extra ideas to have incredible sex holidays:

  • April 24 – Lingerie Day. It is important to remember the role of sexy lingerie in the outcome of sexual intercourse.  This day acts as a good reminder for paying attention to this attribute.
  • May 14 – Online Romance Day. This is a special occasion for people who are into dating websites. If you are one of them, then you should be aware of romance scammers as they often break the daters’ hearts.
  • August 23 – Go Topless Day. This holiday can be celebrated on different days, but in general, it hits the last week of August. Its main purpose is to admit gender equality. So, be ready to see some girls who are riding a bike in the local park without a top.
  • October 21 – International Fisting Day. Another sexday will appeal to people with relevant sexual preferences. On this day, fisting fans share their stories, and create videos to increase the awareness of others, and decrease associated shame.

Last-minute Tips for Sex Holidays Calendar

Do you want to celebrate sex holidays but have no idea what to start with? First of all, decide what sex days you are interested in. Then, find out whether you need a specific preparation. If yes, then get everything ready, decide whether you are going to celebrate alone, with a partner, or even join a dedicated society. Get rid of all hesitations, and enjoy a special day. Remember that sexual intercourse should not be just an obligation, and sex days to celebrate aim to remind you about this. There is no better time than now to try things that live in your fantasy.

Summing up

As you can see, there are many sexual days of the week. You can celebrate sex all year round and take the above-mentioned dates as a great opportunity to try things that you have been dreaming about. Discuss all details with your partner, and decide what you both want. In case, you have different points of view, there is an opportunity to join a trustworthy dating website and look for a compatible person on it. Anyway, do not underestimate the importance of sex, and remember to celebrate national dating day.

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