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Let’s say you are lucky to meet a special woman and want to build closer ties with her. There is no need to worry if your communication takes place online as even in this case, there is something that you can do to have a good time and feel hot. According to recent research, people are into texting these days, and their number will only boost in upcoming Mind that you can read articles of the best niche specialists and still not understand what things to say to make her wet. While intimacy remains crucial for partners, they keep making mistakes, and failing. If you are one of them and want to change the situation, are you willing to spice up things, then this list of words to make her wet, as well as effective tips will let you reach your goal. 

Top Benefits of Sending Wet Dirty Texts

Let’s face the truth, not every man is ready to use words to make her wet. This is when guys start wondering whether writing dirty texts is a good idea. If you still hesitate, then consider the following advantages to make the final decision:

  • Quotes to make her wet let the person to share all thoughts and ideas that live in one’s head but which the person is too shy to say aloud. It’s evident that texting hot phrases is easier than sharing them face-to-face. 
  • Text messages that make her wet is a great way to exercise online before a real meeting, also such texts will show how ready you are for seeing each other in real life.
  • Dirty quotes can greatly diversify online communication and become as close as possible. 
  • If you have some problems or tension in a relationship, then making her wet is a nice idea to have a boost and get rid of available difficulties. 
  • Texts to make her wet is a great way to prepare for a hot night without feeling shy or puzzled. 
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How to Make Her Wet: A Word From Experts

It goes without saying that you can write a few pages with dirty words to make her wet, but it will be senseless until you know how to use them. Some guys think that texting a girl is simple even if the message contains hot words. But the things are opposite, and before sending sweet words to make her wet, you are highly recommended to study the following recommendations.

Follow a schedule

Probably the most common mistake that guys make while writing words to make her wet is doing it too often. It is better to avoid sending hot messages all the time as you risk to annoy the girl, and make all your communication dirty. Also, it is important to remember that the woman studies/works or has plenty of other activities. You should mind the time and location. Otherwise, you may send a message with a few kinky ideas when the woman is too busy, or has a lot of people by her side. Agree, such a situation may disappoint your girl. 

Get rid of high expectations

Only men make a decision to send texts to make her wet, therefore it is better to get rid of any expectations. Also, you should not make the woman answer you immediately or respond in general. You can ask your woman later about the reasons, but even in this case, avoid sounding aggressive, demanding or disappointing. If she is just too shy, or has no idea what to answer, then wonder whether she would like to get messages like that in future. 

Mind a style and tone

It is highly recommended to mix romantic words to make her wet with dirty texts to follow some balance. You should mind every phrase that you send, otherwise,you may sound too nasty. Adding relevant emojis is also a great idea that will better show your mood, and prove that communication is important for you. This way, you can also demonstrate your feelings and general intentions. 

Pay attention to the girl’s mood

Another secret on how to make a girl wet over text is watching her reaction and responding to them. Simply put, if you feel that the woman doesn’t like your hot texts, or she replies rarely, then it may say that you need to take a break. Or, you should change your style, sound more open-minded and attentive. There is no sense to keep sending sexy words to make her wet if they have the opposite effect. 

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Avoid sending dirty pictures 

Many guys who want to know how to make her wet with words, are sure that sending dirty pictures may help them succeed. However, not all girls are ready to watch content like that. It is recommended to ask permission before sharing photos that demonstrate the parts of your body. Otherwise, you risk disappointing the girl and even lose her attention. You’d better start with hot words and then try to add pictures if she likes. 

Best Sex Words to Make Her Wet

Now, when you know great tips, it is high time to discover things to say to make a girl wet. You can add the following phrases to your messages, or use them as a source for inspiration. Anyway, remember the main rules of sending hot phrases not to overdo:

  1. Can I eat you instead of a cake for my birthday?
  2. I dream of riding you slowly tonight. Don’t you mind?
  3. I can’t hide anymore. My dick is missing your pussy so much. Can I go inside you right  now?
  4. I wait for the moment when my lips can lick your pussy while hands touching your horny legs.
  5. I have never met such a sexy and hot girl like you. I can’t sleep without you by my side.
  6. Your boobs make my heart go faster every day.
  7. I can’t forget your naked body. It makes me crazy. Can I touch your neck right now?
  8. Baby, please, do not stop yourself. Let’s play tonight. 
  9. Don’t stop me anymore. I want to touch your body, but first I will put my tongue deeply into your mouth. Yummy!
  10. Why are you so sexy, my lady? I can’t sleep, I can’t work as all my thoughts are about your tasty lips 24/7.
  11. I have never seen such a sexy body before. It is the first thing that I think about when I wake up in the morning, and go to bed at night. 
  12. What are you wearing right now? Can I take all your clothes off?
  13.  How can you be so sexy? It’s illegal and you should better stop taking all my attention.
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Seductive phrases to make her crazy 

  1. I can’t forget your hot body and warm hugs. Let’s keep driving each other crazy?
  2. I want to feel each inch of your sweet body. You are number one for me, and the best prize is to make you crazy tonight. Do you agree?
  3. I can’t stop thinking about your naughty pussy. My dick wants to go inside it right now.
  4. I look forward to licking your sweet pussy and touching your legs. 
  5. Seeing your naked body is the only thing that lives in my head round the clock. 
  6. So, here is my naught plan. Tonight I want to drive you crazy and let you experience the best orgasm in your life.
  7. You have a fantastic month. I love the way you suck my dick. Oh, baby, you are the best in the whole world. 
  8. You’d better take off all your clothes now. I want to explore your body with my hot tongue. 
  9. You make me feel wild like an animal. Every part of your body is my favourite. 
  10. I can’t wait to come back home and licking your horny pussy. 
  11. I had a crazy dream about fucking you and I will not stop until you orgasm. Get ready for the best sex in your life. 
  12. Throw your panties away, and go on top. Let my dick fuck you hard untill the very morning. 
  13. My dear, you are so seductive that I can’t stop thinking about you even for a minute. 
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15 Extra Ideas to Make Her Wet with Dirty Texts

If you want to discover even more effective phrases to get her wet, then look at the list of winning messages below:

  1. Having sex with you is my desire 24/7. Let’s stop wasting time and get down to business at last.
  2. Are you busy? What about playing in bed right now? My dicj is striving to penetrate you hard again and again. 
  3. I want to feel your legs, and toes. They make me want you like crazy. 
  4. Let’s try every pose in Kamasutra. Which one do you want to start with?
  5. I am willing to be on top right now. Just say “Yes”.
  6. Can you touch my dick? I feel so crazy about you every minute.
  7. Kissing your hot pussy is the first wish that comes to my mind every morning. 
  8. Where are you? I want to fuck you in my car right now. 
  9. What is the secret of your charms? You make my heart beat faster every day.
  10. Will you be mine tonight? I have something amazing for you. 
  11. Do you realize how sexy and hot you are? I can’t stop thinking about you.
  12. I want to whisper “You are the sexiest woman in the whole world”. 
  13. Let me kiss your shoulders, and touch your belly with my hot lips. 
  14. Don’t be afraid. I will penetrate you slowly, kissing every inch of your horny body.
  15. My dear, what do you want to make with my dick tonight?

When Dirty Phrases Can Help Make Her Wet?

Let’s imagine that you have chosen such sex phrases to make her wet as:

  • I dream of driving you crazy with my fingers and tongue. Will you let me in?
  • I admire your legs, boobs and other parts of your body. You are so beautiful. 
  • I want to gently kiss your neck, lips, and cheeks. Why are you so horny?
  • Oh my dear. You take all my thoughts 24/7. I want to spend every single night. 
  • What is your favourite sex pose? Do you want to try it with me tonight?

and you think that they may be very effective for making a boost in your relationship. But first you should realize that sending messages like this is not always the best idea. Specialists highly recommend using horny phrases only if you feel the girl’s sympathy and her readiness to communicate in this style. Also, couples who see bad times in their relationship, may consider exchancing horny texts to return passion and sexual desire. You can also use them to celebrate sex and have a great foreplay. 


How to make her wet is a common question for guys who would like to drive their women crazy. Intimacy and sexual desire is important in any relationship. Therefore, if you want to keep the fire, and let your girl feel special, then consider sending hot messages to her. Mind recommendations from experts as well, since they may help you avoid common mistakes and related disappointment. 

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