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Numerous types of research say that multiple men want to improve the size of their penis. The internet shows numerous methods of enhancing the member, though not all of them are effective, and some of them are even dangerous. In accordance with the study, the average length of a male’s reproductive organ is 5,34 inches. The longest member was found in Cambodia and its size is 6,93 inches. Exactly — the size of 17 cm is what many guys strive for. That is why many men representatives are on the lookout for the real way to increase your size. While surgery and cosmetic procedures seem to be proven ways, you will hardly find many men who are ready for such a serious way to change the look of their penis. We’ve compiled simple yet effective ways to boost the physical quality of your member, so keep scrolling down.  

Is There Any Real Way To Increase Your Penis Size?—Top Tips To Discover 

Is there any real way to increase the size of your dick? The answer is “Yes”. Moreover, you can do it naturally, without applying complex techniques or undergoing surgery. Whether you want to take an erotical picture or you are all about looking more virile, you can enlarge the size of your penis in just a matter of minutes. Want to discover more? Keep reading the most efficient techniques and choose the real way to increase your size that works for you. It is even possible to use multiple methods, but it is only up to you. 

Experiment with poses

It goes without saying that numerous adventurous online love-seekers exchange their erotical pictures. Choosing the right pose is a real way to increase your size at home and the cornerstone to impressing your partner. Sometimes men want to take a sexy photo of their dick, but its overall look may seem not as bold as you used to describe their girlfriend. In this particular case, you can use the trick of choosing the most appropriate pose. In this certain case, an angle of view plays a significant role. The standing position is more beneficial for taking an erotical image. Moreover, you can put one leg on the chair slightly bending it to add an additional dose of masculinity to your photo. Try to shoot from the above, which will make your dick visually larger. The light also makes a difference. It is better to take a photo in natural light in order not to make all the skin imperfections appear in the photo. 

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Get rid of bad habits

In case you want to improve the appearance of your dick in the long run, you will need to adjust your lifestyle since it drastically affects how your male organ works. So, avoiding bad habits is the real way to increase your size permanently and enjoy your first-class erection. Whether you are smoking or abusing alcohol, weigh all positives and negatives of your habits. According to various studies, non-smokers boast a better and more long-lasting erection and a large size than those who smoke regularly. Nicotine and alcohol badly influence your blood flow. That is why your penis may appear not so hard during the action, which may disappoint you and your partner. If you want to give your intimate life a boost, try to avoid bad habits. 

Get involved in sexual practices regularly

Practice makes perfect. These words may be applied to the size of your penis as well. The more frequently you experience the erection, the better it influences the size of your member. This is the real way to increase your size naturally, not to say about the number of pleasant sensations you may experience. If you fancy maintaining your friend in excellent condition, be sure you have sex or masturbate regularly. Even if you have sex in a new relationship, a regular session is a nice option to perform better and better each subsequent time. 

It happens sometimes that men don’t have a good erection. The quality of erection depends on multiple aspects such as stress, physical disabilities, traumas, etc. They result not only in poor productivity but the size of the penis and its texture. A professional prostate massage or the use of vacuum pumps may be helpful to improve erection. This is a real way to increase your size penis, though it may cause a brief effect. In case you have serious problems with your prostate, it is better to approach a specialist who will help you solve all your medical issues.   

Live a healthy and active life

Is there any real way to increase the size of your penis? You can do it without any additional tools just by following a healthy lifestyle. Therefore you can win a jackpot — improve the size of your penis and the overall quality of your life. First off, if you have overweight, your member will appear smaller in correspondence to your body. But as soon as you start to work on your body, you will see that your member looks more solid. On top of that, you will achieve a fitter body and the attention of the opposite gender. Isn’t it beneficial? Pay attention to your nutrition as well. If you want to have an erection boost, eat fruit and veggies rather than meat and fast food. The antioxidants included in fruit and vegetables positively affect the blood flow which results in a better operation of male organs. 

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Incorporate a cock ring into your sexual routine

Did you know that a cock-designed ring isn’t intended only for BDSM games? This is a useful tool for penis enlargement, even though you won’t achieve a long-lasting effect. With the help of a cock ring, you preserve a good blood flow in your reproductive organ, thus, making it harder, less elastic, and larger. Moreover, when it comes to the action, you will experience a longer erection with this device. This is a real way to increase your penis size, though it isn’t natural. However, avoid overusing this device since it may lead to negative consequences. If you don’t want to experience issues with your tissues, it is better to use a cock ring no more than once a week. The frequent use of this device may result in erectile dysfunction and problems with ejaculation. 

Groom your genitals

Dealing with your pubic hair is a real way to increase your dick size. A well-groomed hair will make your penis appear larger and more attractive. Do you know that the majority of ladies prefer shaved men? So why not satisfy your partner and make your member more virile? There is no need to shave your hair completely. You can do a sexy trim and make your penis shine in a completely new way. 

Try jelqing

Jelqing is a special exercise for stretching the penis. It implies massaging the penis with hands and stretching the skin to create microcracks, which, when healed, should increase the size of the penis. There are numerous real way to increase your size Reddit topics, and many of them are dedicated to jelqing. Although this method seems more effective than others, there is no scientific evidence that it works.

Just like using lotions, this technique can only help some men better appreciate the difference in size between a non-erected and an erected penis and feel more comfortable in their bodies. The technique is quite safe. However, you should follow some safety rules and don’t squeeze the penis too hard or too often in order not to hurt it. Don’t overuse this technique in order not to tear issues or damage the penis. Sometimes this can cause scarring and disfigurement of the penis, so it is advisable to delegate this procedure to a professional.  

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Ask your partner about blowjob

Oral sex is beneficial for penis enlargement. A lot of men state that they have harder dicks and more long-lasting erections during oral caresses. So, this is a great opportunity to combine your urge to improve your penis size with pleasure. Oral sex gives you an absolutely different spectrum of sensations in comparison with traditional sexual experience. Men find it more intimate and exciting, which makes them super horny. That is the main reason your penis is harder and larger in size during oral sex practices. 

Summing Up

Is there a real way to increase your penis size? Surely, it is, and you can do it without surgery or questionable techniques. Whether you want to showcase your member to your partner just before the session or you want to have a permanent effect, you can choose the method that will work for you. Carefully study the above-mentioned practices and use the perfect combo to achieve your sexual goals. 

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