Author Jennifer Rodriguez

Author Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez, a skilled writer and editor at SmartDate, specializes in crafting articles that resonate with both men and women. With her expertise, Jennifer ensures that her content is accessible and understandable to all, offering valuable insights into the intricacies of relationships, dating, and intimacy in a relatable manner.

Articles Written by Jennifer Rodriguez

what turns men on

What Turns Men On?—The Biggest Male Kinks to Discover

Even if you have a natural way of charming others, understanding what really excites guys can take your appeal to a whole new level. While relying on your innate charisma…
salaries in porn industry

Salaries in Porn Industry: How Much the Stars Earn

As Forbes found out, top serial actors earn up to $1.5 million per episode; the highest-paid Hollywood stars get tens of millions for a role. While Hollywood actresses regularly complain…
porn industry

Porn Industry: From the Stone Age to the Present Day

Modern technologies let people find and get everything they want even without going out. So you can go shopping, book plane tickets and watch any porn film without restrictions. But…
porn and the law

Porn and The Law Around the World

Since the very definition of pornography is subjective, it is almost impossible to articulate its origins and development. Throughout the history of humankind, pornography has been and is still subject…
Pillow Humping

Pillow Humping: Tips, Perks, and Secrets to Boost Intimacy 

Want to add some excitement to your regular self-pleasure routine? This article will help you delve into the practice of pillow humping, exploring the reasons why some people engage in…
What to do about a sexless marriage

Navigating the Challenges: What to Do about a Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage can present significant difficulties and emotional distress for both partners. When physical intimacy is lacking, the relationship can become strained, leading to feelings of loneliness and decreased…