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Do you want to have fun and visit some kind of erotic event? Then this article is for you. For example, if you want something interesting and unusual in the world of erotica, we are in a hurry to please you: go on every year exclusive erotic events where people from different countries come together. There you will have a good rest, see something that you have never seen before, meet people, as well a dose of positive emotions. Have you ever heard something about sex festivals that take place in different cities of the world?

13 Main Sex Festivals On the Planet

You will definitely learn about new aspects of intimate life, you just have to take part in one of the ten best sex festivals in the world. Are you a fan of sex tourism? Or, conversely, have you never traveled the world in search of love?

We have prepared a cool selection of the best sex festivals in the world for you:

1. Erotica

Warsaw, Poland, March

Eroticon is one of the erotic events of 2022, a four-day event culminating in the “World Championship of Sex”. Visitors are characterized by the presence of desperate strippers, comfortable BDSM activities, and all sorts of contests for nudists. The main sponsor is a local adult magazine, the event has a high status and is quite popular because people from all over the world come to it.

2. Kinky Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark, October

Whatever kind of sex you dream of, you will find it all during the days of the festival in Copenhagen. To be at this time in the Danish capital – the dream of any addiction attraction goes beyond the usual framework. Imagine a conference about computers, where instead of tablets, mice, and keyboards there are dildos, vibrators, and whips made of leather and latex. Here it is open about what others dare to try only in a dark closed basement. If you don’t like sex in uniform and playing with pain, this place is worth visiting if only to marvel at what places people don’t import piercings and implants and decorate their bodies with tattoos!

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3. Love Parade Germany

Berlin, July

Although it is not officially a sex event, one and a half million young people perceive it as their duty, dressed in the utmost frankly, drinking, dancing, kissing, and having sex in public in front of the police, only on these days these you can visit such an atmosphere on one from the erotic events of 2022. Mind that Love Parade is also a worldwide techno event on the planet, where you can get the composition of the best DJs. Before you go for the airliners, make sure that a city hosts this festival. Recently, he travels to Berlin and now migrates to German cities.

4. Mardi Gras

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, February

The traditional carnival in the usual calm New Orleans has turned into a celebration of eroticism. Having discarded all prohibitions, the beauties excited by the attention of the crowds expose their bodies, preferring to test several beaded pendants. Therefore it is not surprising that places in city hotels at this time scatter even before Christmas.

5. Sex festival in Kutemairvi

Kangasniemi, Finland, July

Kutemajrvi is the most intellectual festival among all the world’s erotic events 2022. The guests who arrived in the Finnish city not only watch frank shows, whose representatives bring the most daring fantasies to life. They also listen to professional lectures on various aspects of sexuality and attend presentations on new sex products.

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6. Outdoor Swingers Festival

Wales, July 

The biggest orgy for the citizens of Britain and those who want to get close to them. Swingers festival under the European sky – with dirt, music, and drugs. For three days, the deserted village turns into a riotous place for parties. Heterosexual sex is held in high esteem here, so it’s worth a try. The local scenery is extremely unsatisfactory, so the festival migrates to new locations over the years.

7. Hot d’Or

Cannes, France, May

Think this coast is only alive during the Cannes Film Festival? In May, there is an alternative festival of filmmakers, a real “Oscar” of pornography. For a few days in the French Riviera, beauties of porn stars do not hesitate to show the creativity of the best plastic surgeons. There you can see the fantastic millions that appeared for them only on the screen.

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8. International Erotic Film Festival

Barcelona, ​​Spain, September

This one of the erotic events 2022, less exclusive than the Cannes sex festival. The mission of the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival is to break the taboos associated with pornography and the use of sex products. Yes, erotic films are also constantly shown here and porn stars come here to discuss their work, but at the same time, more mass events take place: a lingerie show, a sex item fair.

9. Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant

Roselawn, Indiana, USA, July-August

Indiana’s most infamous nudist resort regularly hosts a daring sex contest: beautiful naked women compete for the title of Miss Nude. Erotic dances and acts bordering on hardcore sex attract thousands of fans of such exhibitionism to this coast. We guarantee:  you have seen so many naked women in one place never before in your life!

10. Folsom Street Fair San Francisco

California, USA, September

For those who are not indifferent to leather and latex, as well as various games in the style of BDSM, this is one of the main erotic events of 2022. On the streets of the city, you can meet the most incredible characters: a policeman in a leather uniform, leading an angel dressed in feathers on a chain, walking on all fours an almost naked man of respectable years with a gag in his mouth … Do not forget to visit the biggest fetish fair.

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11. Erotica

London, England, November

A calm and relaxed atmosphere reigns at this festival declared “the union of all erotic things on the globe.” Beautiful shows, erotic jewelry boutiques. Everything suggests that erotica is not a forbidden fruit, but a way of life. So it is worth visiting this event to expand your ideas about sex, and at the same time get acquainted with the latest novelties of latex fashion.

12. Sexpo

Johannesburg – Cape Town – Durban, South Africa, September

The exhibition of achievements of the sexual economy is included in the list of erotic events 2022, designed (according to the organizers themselves) to expand the sexual horizons of mankind. It has been held since 1995 and is accompanied by all the entertainment and joy that the adult industry can only generate.

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13. Exotic Erotic Ball

San Francisco, California, USA, October

For the 25th year in a row, thousands of people have traveled to California these days to unleash the sex beast lurking within them. Festival guests are waiting for sexy shows, strip shows, and shocking erotic performances. Among the most savory sights: are giant cocktail glasses with magnificent women bathing in them.

If you have long wanted to have fun but did not know how, now you have a list of ideas with places where you can go to relax and have fun. Which festival would you like to visit?

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