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How to use a flogger? If you ponder over this question, then you definitely need to take a deeper dive into spanking and smacking. Those who want to get involved in the BDSM culture or just want to spice up their sexual life with skin stroking should learn more about floggers and the proper way to use them. Scroll down to discover what this device is used for, how to diversify your intimate life by incorporating it into your sex routine, and how to use a flogger motion. Once you have this information in your mind, you will soon notice a significant boost in your sex sessions. 

What Is a Flogger & How Long Does It Take to Learn to Use a Flogger?

Let’s take a closer look at what a flogger is. A flogger is a leather whip commonly used by BDSM fans. The main part of this item is a hard handle at the end of which there are smooth tails no more than 31 inches in length. The number of tails varies from 10 to 50. Depending on what material is used for manufacturing, floggers are hard and soft. The latter options are the most popular among BDSM enthusiasts since it will be much easier to get used to the novelty and a person doesn’t feel such a harsh pain. Usually, this device is used to warm up and prepare for the next harder tools. Nevertheless. The flogger can be used throughout the entire process, without switching to other tools.

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If a flogger is a new tool in your sexual activity, it will take some time to get used to it. First off, it is necessary to decide how often you will incorporate this device into your scenes. When you learn how to use a leather flogger, you will need to identify which pressure is suitable for your partner and which manner to stroke your significant other. Typically, you should try it up to 5 times to understand how to use a flogger in sex. 

How to Properly Use a Flogger: Basic Flogging Techniques and Tips You Should Know 

Sex toys, including floggers, have vast popularity among couples these days. As the statistic says, 5% of couples use them regularly. If you are wondering how to use a flogger correctly so that your partner will ask more, these techniques will be useful for you for sure. The main thing you should remember is that this process should deliver satisfaction to both partners. So, if you want to try something new for yourself, learn these basics of how to use a flogger sex.

Consider the area you will affect

Knowing where to hit is the most important stage while learning how to use a bondage flogger. To prevent injuries and negative aftermath after your session, you should focus on the upper back on both sides of the spine. How to use a flogger, youtube? Avoid affecting the spine directly in order not to hurt the vertebrae and related tissues of your partner. This aspect is especially important if you participate in the scene with a slender partner. Remember that you don’t play golf, so it is necessary to avoid a full swinging motion. 

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Dropping the tails down the back onto the hips or the top of the buttocks is also unacceptable. Therefore, it can result in harsh unwanted pain which will be hardly pleasurable for your partner. To make your experience exciting, you will need to pay attention to the portion of the tail that touches the back. 

Covering hit

If you want to learn the most common technique of how to use a flogger BDSM, this is just the time to do it. You can even incorporate this flogging method into your kinky role play ideas to improve your sessions. In this case, the impact of the flogger is not painful and it does not require much effort. This technique will allow you to adapt to the device during the action. The bragging point of the covering hit is that you can perform it from any position. 

Stand at a comfortable distance for you from the point of impact. This is approximately the length of the arm and half the length of the tails of the device. Swipe the partner’s body with the tips of the tails. The motion should emulate the brush stroke. The hit should be soft and spanking. It involves the last third of the tails, which lie either perpendicular to the body or at a slight angle. Avoid causing pressure. Simply, spank your partner with the weight of the device. The result of such a warm-up should be rosy skin without any painful sensations. 

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Embracing hit

This is the best technique for those who want to discover how to use a flogger on a woman. By using this method, you can increase the sense perception of your partner due to the gentle pre-contact with the tails before their tips cause slight pain. Nevertheless, to make your experience hassle-free, you should still remember the BDSM rules and safety. 

Your motion should emulate the embracing movement. The distance between you and your partner should be the same as in the previous technique. Avoid too much distance since this way you can make inaccuracies in strikes. The close distance between partners will soften the strokes and make them inexpressive. 

Don’t be too sensitive, tender, or vulnerable — it is better to rely on the sensations of your partner. The contact of the flogger with the body should be performed from the middle of the tails and at a right angle (approximately 45 degrees). It is important to stop the hand at the moment of contact of the flogger with the body to make the sensations more expressive. 

Cutting fall

Continue learning how to use a flogger with sex toys and use this technique to deliver vibrant emotions to your partner. The sensations will be much stronger if the length of the tails is up to 11 inches and their cut is triangular or wedge-shaped. Despite being rather sharp, this technique is relatively safe unless there are bolts, claws, and knots in the flogger. Also, make sure your flogger is produced from soft leather in order not to injure your partner. 

Take the flogger in your hand and move it quickly and abruptly. You must feel the muscle impulse from the shoulder. It is advisable to bend the flogger outward. It is necessary to stop the movement along the arc stops when the flogger and the intended point of contact are on the same line. Just before touching the skin, you will need to reduce the tension in the shoulder and produce a hit. 

The impact will be sliding, with a peak of impact energy at the point of contact. It is necessary to adjust the pressure based on how sensitive the skin of your partner is. The technique should be used with caution for delicate places. If you flog with two or four hands in a group action, the person will get an unforgettable, very vivid impression.

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Advantages of Learning How to Use a Flogger on a Women

Once you read articles & tutorials and watch instructional free video how to use a flogger, you will derive numerous benefits for your sexual life. Some of them include:

  • You will become more confident as a lover while jazzing up your intimate life with sex toys.
  • It is possible to experience absolutely new sensations and emotions during intimate sessions with a flogger.  
  • Based on the relevant research, the couples who incorporate a flogger in their sex games demonstrate decreased levels of stress and increased immunity.
  • It is a safe and consensual way to deliver unforgettable sensations to your partner.

How to Use a Flogger Porn: Final Word

Knowing how to use a flogger can open up absolutely new horizons in your sexual life. Whether you are a BDSM enthusiast or just want to diversify your sexual state of affairs, you will need to boost your knowledge in this matter before proceeding with the action. Even though a flogger is known as a relatively safe sex toy, it still can cause accidental injuries if you use the wrong techniques. Fortunately, the above-mentioned information will help you take a fresh and smart start.

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