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The female body is a difficult task, a whole quest. To pass it, you will need knowledge about the erogenous spots of a woman. In this article, we will explain everything about u spot female in detail. What it is, how to find it and how to stimulate it. Every man should understand all these details in order to provide his girlfriend with a pleasant feeling.

What is a female u spot? The U-spot is one of the most mythologized and mysterious erogenous zones in the female body that is connected with porn in relationships because it makes sex better. The U point marks the area around the entrance to the urethra. Its very name comes from the medical term “urethra”.

What is the female u spot? It is an erogenous zone in the vestibule of the vagina around the entrance to the urethra between the clitoris and the vagina, it has many nerve endings. It needs a careful approach: wet fingers (possibly lubricated) or a soft tongue are ideal for U-spot caresses. You can look at female u spot images on the Internet for a better understanding of U-spot.

Urethral stimulation is also known as “urethral sounding”. It will also be of interest to men. To stimulate female woman u spot, soft cunnilingus is suitable. The clitoris is incredibly receptive to stimulation because it contains a large number of nerve endings. U spot female

located outside the vagina and is responsible for the so-called “squirt” – the female form of ejaculation, in which a small amount of clear-colored liquid is released from the urethral canal. This fluid accumulates in Skene’s glands – paired glands near the urethra, which, when stimulated by the anterior wall of the vagina, “throw” it through the ducts into the urethra.

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Female U Spot Location: Where to Find This “Pleasure Zone”?

Female a u g spot are the “secret areas”. Now we tell about U spot. Someone claims to know perfectly well where it is, and be sure to use its special effects. Someone is sure that it does not exist at all and that all disputes around the G-spot are just speculation and fantasies. How to find this point and discover its capabilities? Let’s see. 

How to find the female u spot? The G-spot in women is analogous to the male prostate. This is an area about 2.5 cm in size, located on the anterior wall of the vagina, behind the pubic bone. Stimulation of this point gives a woman an unforgettable experience. For example, with a certain position: a woman on top, when there is a tighter fit of the penis to the anterior wall of the vagina, or with manual stimulation when using the “69” position, or simply with the help of sex toys.

The female u spot location: finding the G-spot is easy. This can be done on your own or with a partner. To do this, a woman needs to relax, and lie down comfortably. A man, on the other hand, needs to penetrate his finger into the vagina and make an alluring movement: as if pressing the front wall. A woman may first feel increasing arousal, and then the urge to urinate. As a rule, you should always focus on the partner’s reaction: with the right stimulation, an orgasm follows.

female fade when u have bald spot in middle

Female U Spot and How to Stimulate It to Bring a Girl to Orgasm?

No need to think that the u spot female is an orgasm switch. The sensitivity of this zone is not manifested in everyone. And for those who have this point, the sensations differ from time to time. Today, stimulation may end with an orgasm, on another day it may be such that it will not even turn on.

Unlike all other points, you don’t need friction to get a U-orgasm. It is enough just to make slightly pressing movements on the point with the fingers or the base of the palm. But it is better not to use the tongue, it gives too soft stimulation.

By the way, Skene’s glands can also be stimulated using the G-spot, which is located directly below them. Then you will have every chance to get multiple orgasms from two points at once. For example, a partner can simultaneously stimulate the G-spot with one hand and the U-spot with the fingers of the other. The most effective options for stimulating the U-spot are:

With fingers

We denote that in most cases, during intercourse, the female u spot in the female reproductive system point does not imitate sensitivity, therefore, additional stimulation of the point will be required for the female orgasm. A good option is when a man stimulates or massages a point with his fingers. This method is simple and does not require additional sex toys. The main rule is to do stimulation with light movements so that the partner is comfortable. During this, you can check with the girl if this gives her pain. Instead of fingers, you can also stimulate the U point with the tip of the penis, while using a lubricant. You can see how to do it right on the video about u spot female -youtube.

With the help of oral caresses

It is also believed that cunnilingus is one of the most effective ways to stimulate the U-spot to achieve female orgasm. But at the same time, you must remember that the movements of the tongue should be light and soft so that it brings pleasure to the partner. Male oral sex to stimulate the U-spot can also be replaced with sex toys.

Using sex toys

The U-spot can also be stimulated using various devices such as dildos, vibrators, and more. Contact a sex shop for a specific purpose and choose the toy that suits you. A girl can stimulate and massage the U point on her own or with the help of a man. In this case, a lubricant should be used.

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Choose the right position in sex

Another way to stimulate the Y point is still an attempt to achieve a female orgasm through sexual intercourse. The best poses for hypersensitivity and U-spot stimulation are the missionary and the horsewoman, and you can also try the scissors pose for U-spot stimulation. If it does not help, stimulate in another way, which we described above.

What to Do If None Of the Methods Helps Achieve Orgasm?

The fact is that the so-called female u spot is a small tissue thickening in the vagina, which is characterized by increased innervation and, accordingly, excitability: incredible sensitivity is due to the large accumulation of nerve endings in this area. This provides the pleasure of stimulating this tiny zone. In sensitivity, the U point is second only to the clitoris. But for women in whom this point is not sufficiently developed, vaginal orgasm is not available. Why? Most of the mucous membrane of the vagina has practically no sensitive nerve endings, that is, this organ does not have sufficient susceptibility.

Now, not a single representative of the fair sex will feel deprived of an intimate life. For women whose U-spot is poorly developed, American specialists have come up with a procedure called U-spot augmentation. The principle of augmentation is to increase the volume of this erogenous zone by injecting a special drug. As a result, the U point becomes more voluminous and accessible for stimulation – as a result, it is extremely sensitive. After augmentation of the tissues of the vagina, the tone increases, and they become more susceptible to stimulation. The increase in female u spot, as experts promise, also allows you to slightly reduce the volume of the vagina, which makes it easier to achieve an orgasm.

female fade when u have bald spot in middle

Final Word

There are many erogenous zones on a woman’s body, you just have to understand where they are and learn how to stimulate it correctly so that the girl can get an orgasm. One of these zones is point U. We have already told you where it is and what ways to stimulate the point are possible for the pleasure of a girl. Do not think that the U point is some kind of magic button, by pressing a girl can get a pleasant feeling in one moment. This must be approached, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the physiology of the woman. In the article, you read basic information about female u spot and now you can safely experiment with sexual life.

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